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Goedenavond en welkom in dit liveblog! Mijn naam is Thom van de Loosdrecht en ik houd je op de hoogte van de laatste wedstrijd van speelronde 32 in de Eredivisie: Excelsior-NEC. Veel plezier!
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  • Afgelopen: Excelsior-NEC 0-3
  • Excelsior met tien man na rode kaart Horemans


maandag 6 mei om 21:59

Round 33 is scheduled for Sunday. Kick-off takes place on all fields at 2:30 PM.

Monday May 6 at 9:57 PM

The standings after round 32 in the Eredivisie.

Monday May 6 at 9:55 PM

90+6′ Over!

Chery gives NEC the three points with two goals within five minutes. Gonzalez also made it 0-3 after the red card for Horemans. As a result, the people of Nijmegen are again putting the pressure on Ajax towards the last two matches.

Monday May 6 at 9:48 PM

90′ GOAL NEC! 0-3

González gets the ball from Proper. The Spaniard looks for the far corner with his left and passes Van Gassel.

Monday May 6 at 9:47 PM

88′ Substitute González has a free run at goalkeeper Van Gassel, but fails to put NEC at 0-3. It seemed to be a difficult evening for the Nijmegen team, but the sting is out of the match after Chery’s goals and Horemans’ red card.

Monday May 6 at 9:44 PM

85′ Duijvestijn has complete freedom to provide a cross from the right. However, his ball does not end up in front of the goal, but on the roof of the stadium. There is laughter from the audience.

Monday May 6 at 9:40 PM


Horemans has been suspended for Excelsior’s next match due to his red card. He is the only field player to have played in all 66 games since the start of last season. That series ends next week.

Monday May 6 at 9:35 PM

77′ Parrott starts an action in the penalty area. His shot is just rash and goes far wide.

Monday May 6 at 9:29 PM

72′ Red card Excelsior!Horemans receives the red card for his foul on Proper. It took Nijhuis some time to look, but he still came to this decision.

Monday May 6 at 9:28 PM

70′ VAR check red card Excelsior!Bas Nijhuis is called to the screen. Horemans hits the ball first, but then the man.

Monday May 6 at 9:27 PM


Chery did not score in nine games in a row, but today he scored two fantastic goals.

Monday May 6 at 9:23 PM

65′ GOAL NEC! 0-2

NEC plays through the axis of Excelsior’s defense, after which Baas gets the ball. He gives a good cross to Chery, who is free at the far post. With his right he gives NEC a bigger lead.

Monday May 6 at 9:18 PM

60′ GOAL NEC! 0-1

Chery is passed the ball 25 meters from the goal. He opens up and shoots beautifully in the intersection. Goalkeeper Van Gassel is transfixed. What a fantastic goal!

Monday May 6 at 9:18 PM


Parrott was Excelsior’s dangerous man in the first half. What can he do in the second half?

Monday May 6 at 9:16 PM

58′ Verdonk tries to shoot a free kick into the goal from 30 meters. His shot has an annoying curve that Van Gassel has difficulty with. Sano does not benefit from the rebound that the goalkeeper gives away.

Monday May 6 at 9:08 PM

48′ Zagré passes low from the left. Lamprou tries to extend the ball with a heel, but fails. NEC can breathe a sigh of relief.

Monday May 6 at 9:04 PM

46′ Kick-off second half! We started the second half without any substitutions. Can we expect goals in the second half?

Monday May 6 at 8:47 PM

45+2′ Rest!

NEC is not yet impressive in Rotterdam. Excelsior has the better of the game and has already created enough chances. The Nijmegen team was only dangerous through Nuytinck. Roefs is keeping a good game as a replacement for Cillessen.

Monday May 6 at 8:45 PM

44′ Dangerous corner from Excelsior. The ball gets stuck at the first post and many Excelsior players want to shoot. Roefs prevents a goal against at the last moment.

Monday May 6 at 8:41 PM

40′ Parrott enters into the combination with Goudmijn. The Irish striker then shoots wide.

Monday May 6 at 8:31 PM


Roefs makes a good impression again as Cillessen’s replacement.

Monday May 6 at 8:30 PM

30′ Nuytinck can head freely after a good cross from Chery. The defender heads into Van Gassel’s feet. This prevents Rotterdam residents from falling behind.

Monday May 6 at 8:28 PM

27′ NEC takes the initiative a bit more. Duijvestijn just received a yellow card for a hard charge. Bas Nijhuis doesn’t often draw a card, but this is a justified one.

Monday May 6 at 8:22 PM

21 ‘You wouldn’t expect it, but Excelsior is the better team. Parrott was just close to a chance, but he was well hindered by Ross.

Monday May 6 at 8:13 PM

13′ Excelsior tries a lot with crosses from the side. Roefs shows that he is an excellent goalkeeper by picking the balls out of the air.

Monday May 6 at 8:08 PM

7′ Excelsior has the ball in the initial phase of the match. The Rotterdammers are not yet finding opportunities.

Monday May 6 at 8:01 PM

1′ Kick-off! NEC starts the match. Who will take the last points of round 32?

Monday May 6 at 7:56 PM

The players get ready in the catacombs. What else will this Monday evening match offer us?

Monday May 6 at 7:48 PM


The warm-up is in full swing in Rotterdam. Will there be tension among the players?

Monday May 6 at 7:36 PM

Setups! Jasper Cillessen is missing from NEC due to illness. Robin Roefs takes his place under the crossbar. Troy Parrott is back at Excelsior after his suspension against FC Volendam.

Excelsior: Van Gassel; Benita, Horemans, El Yaakoubi, Zagre; Goudmijn, Duijvestijn, Baas; Sanches Fernandes, Parrott, Lamprou.

NEC: Roefs; Pereira, Ross, Nuytinck, Verdonk; Hoedemakers, Sano, Proper; Chery, Sow, Boss.

Monday May 6 at 7:20 PM


The NEC players have arrived in Rotterdam. The people of Nijmegen want to increase the pressure on Ajax in the battle for fifth place. Excelsior wants to respond to RKC’s victory yesterday. As a result, the Rotterdam team is virtually in the play-offs against relegation.

Monday May 6 at 7:09 PM


The score with one match to go in round 32.

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