Bruges Commits Against Poverty: “Bruges the Other Side” Prize

Bruges Commits Against Poverty: “Bruges the Other Side” Prize
Bruges Commits Against Poverty: “Bruges the Other Side” Prize

Bruges is committed to the fight against poverty with the annual “Bruges the Other Side” prize, an initiative of the poverty advisory council Brugge Dialoogstad. This award recognizes individuals, organizations or networks that make a structural contribution to poverty reduction, even if that is not their main task.

What is it all about?

  • Goal: The prize emphasizes the importance of access to fundamental rights for people in poverty. This includes a broad spectrum, from social participation and services to a living income and access to housing, education and healthcare.
  • Date: The award ceremony will take place on October 17, during the World Day of Resistance to Extreme Poverty.
  • Participation: Open to everyone within the Bruges territory who takes initiatives against poverty. Candidates can register themselves or be nominated by others.

Importance of the Prize

The “Bruges the Other Side” prize is an important recognition for those who are committed to a more inclusive society. By highlighting this commitment, Brugge Dialogue City encourages more initiatives that contribute to breaking the poverty cycle.

How do you contribute?

Are you or do you know someone who actively contributes to combating poverty in Bruges? Then consider nominating yourself or that person for this prestigious award. It’s an opportunity to be recognized for your hard work and to inspire others to make a difference too.

Our thought…

The “Bruges the Other Side” prize underlines the continued commitment of the Bruges community in the fight against poverty. By recognizing the crucial contributions of individuals and organizations, Bruges continues to build a city where everyone has access to their fundamental rights. Don’t miss this opportunity to do your part or get the recognition you deserve.

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