Win book Believe the hype by Rens Dietz

Win book Believe the hype by Rens Dietz
Win book Believe the hype by Rens Dietz

Publication date: April 3, 2024

Rens Dietz is interested in the role of music in society and fascinated by music culture. Due to the post-punk revivals in the 00s, he started to immerse himself in other punk and post-punk hypes. That’s why he has the book Believe the hype written. Because some were hypes, but did not miss their effect.

About the book

Whenever the world is on fire, punk and post-punk bands stand up to provide the necessary explanation. Sometimes this is no more than a middle finger to ‘the system’, but often this interpretation is more layered. In Believe the hype you can read how musicians manage to influence each other and society. The first person gives an introduction to punk music through a walk through music history and explains how bands came into being and why it is logical that we have now ended up in the middle of a punk hype again. Between the vibrant anecdotes and connections you can read about the importance of friendship and parental love for experiencing the most beautiful music stories. The book can also be read as an ode to people who think differently and creativity.

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