Earthquake in Taiwan + Outdoor games


Good morning! It’s high time again. For what? For a fresh News Alarm of course! So take a seat and we will talk you through everything.


Rain, sun and clouds: it’s all happening today. It will be around 13 degrees.

The weather of Wednesday April 3.

You may have missed this:

– Taylor Swift is now officially allowed billionaire to call. She is the first artist to achieve this with just her songs and performances. The list of the super rich is longer than ever this year and billionaires have never been richer. The richest person in the world is French Bernard Arnault, owner of the luxury brand LVMH.

– In Taiwan it’s a tough one earthquake been. Several buildings have collapsed, causing them to now hang over the street. At least four people have died. Dozens of people have also been injured. Taiwan experiences earthquakes more often, but this is the strongest in almost 25 years.


This is in the news today:

– Enjoy playing football, running or playing tag outside: more than 300,000 children to play never outside. This is evident from a study by Jantje Concrete, a foundation that believes that children should go outside more. The organization is quite concerned about this.

Do you prefer to play games indoors or do you play outside a lot? Let me know in the comments!

Playing indoors is more fun than playing outdoors.

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– In South Africa, girls’ football is becoming more popular. A team there has a very special coach: he is blind. The team wins all kinds of prizes. But how does it work if you football coach is blind? You will see it on the broadcast tonight (and of course also here in the app).

– There will be a new one this afternoon Youth news podcast online. This time it is about a serious subject. Jewish children are increasingly confronted with bullying and hatred. Why is this so and how do Jewish children deal with this? Bart and Malou figured it out.

And then this…

There are now also all kinds of regional versions of the Eurovision Song Contest song Europapa. There is a Limburg and a Frisian variant. Check them out below!

12 points! Every province has its own version of Europapa

The article is in Dutch

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