Netanyahu admits responsibility for deaths of Western aid workers

Netanyahu admits responsibility for deaths of Western aid workers
Netanyahu admits responsibility for deaths of Western aid workers
InternationalApr 2 ’24 6:29 PMAuthors: Jorik Simonides and ANP

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledges that the Israeli army is responsible for the deaths of seven aid workers in the Gaza Strip. It would be an ‘unintentional attack’. According to Israel correspondent Ralph Dekkers, Netanyahu had little choice but to respond if he wants to overcome Western criticism.

Netanyahu admits responsibility for deaths of Western aid workers

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Netanyahu responded to the attack from the hospital, where he underwent surgery on Sunday evening. He said he regretted the attack. “In the past day, unfortunately, a tragic incident took place where our forces in the Gaza Strip unintentionally hit innocent people,” he said.

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A response ‘in an attempt to avoid criticism’, Dekkers thinks. ‘Where there is chopping, there are chips. That’s kind of how he puts it. But of course it bothers him, if only for the damage to his image.’

Foreign outrage

Seven partly foreign aid workers from aid organization World Central Kitchen were killed in the Israeli attack. World Central Kitchen is involved in delivering relief supplies by sea in the Gaza Strip. The deceased aid workers come from countries such as Poland, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Seven partly foreign employees were killed in the attack. (ANP/AFP)

The death of the employees immediately led to indignant reactions internationally. The White House wants an investigation quickly and says in a response that it is ‘deeply shocked and disturbed’. Australian Prime Minister Albanese has asked the Israeli ambassador to Australia for clarification.

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“Because it now concerns Westerners, the governments immediately revolted against Israel and demanded an investigation,” says Dekkers. He emphasizes that many thousands of aid workers have been killed on the Palestinian side since the start of the war on October 7 last year.


The Israeli Defense Forces say it is still investigating what exactly happened. Netanyahu also promised a comprehensive investigation and said that involved governments had been contacted. ‘We will do everything we can to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

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