Now new on Disney+: what kind of series is ‘Renegade Nell’?

Now new on Disney+: what kind of series is ‘Renegade Nell’?
Now new on Disney+: what kind of series is ‘Renegade Nell’?

The British series ‘Renegade Nell’ follows Nell Jackson, a young woman who is accused of murder and becomes a notorious highwayman.

Since last Friday you can enjoy the new British series on Disney+ Renegade Nell. Written by Sally Wainwright, this historical adventure series stars Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson, a young woman who goes on the run after being accused of murder.

In addition to Harland, who you may know from the series Derry Girlsthe series also stars Joely Richardson, Adrian Lester, Nick Mohammed, Craig Parkinson, Florence Keen, Frank Dillane and Alice Kremelberg, among others. Renegade Nell is full of adventure, action, magic and humor.


Renegade Nell Set in England in the 18th century, it follows Nell Jackson, who is falsely accused of murder. She runs away with her two sisters and becomes a female highwayman and the most feared highwayman in the country.

But when a magical spirit named Billy Blind appears, Nell realizes her destiny is greater than she ever imagined. The magical Billy gives Nell powers that help her win every battle. She comes into contact with Queen Anne, among other things, and she will play a role in the power struggle taking place on the European battlefields.


In the trailer of Renegade Nell you get an idea of ​​what you can expect from the series. For example, it shows how Nell’s powers work. Billy Blind, a fairy the size of Tinker Bell, flies into Nell’s mouth and her powers are activated from there. It’s like Billy is the one with the powers, but they can only be used with a human host.

When that happens, her pupils dilate completely and the hair on her arms stands up like a Spidey tingle. Nell embraces the newfound abilities, but is confused by Billy’s existence. So she wonders why Billy is there.

To look?

You will see why Nell was given these powers and why someone accused her of murder Renegade Nell, which consists of eight episodes, and has been on Disney+ since Friday, March 29. And don’t call her Nelly.

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