BMC increases the price of medicinal cannabis by one euro per gram

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EIn January, the Medicinal Cannabis Bureau announced that the price of medicinal cannabis has been increased by one euro per gram as of February 1, 2024.

Price of medicinal cannabis has increased by one euro per gram since February 1

As they write in a news item on their website:

As of February 1, 2024, the price per 5 gram jar has increased from €27.50 to €32.45.

BMC strives for a cost-neutral price level for its products; As a result, BMC is forced to adjust sales prices.

Since the last price change on September 1, 2021, the general price level has risen sharply. There have also been sharp increases in costs within the medicinal cannabis chain.

They also posted the table below with an overview of the new prices:

product % tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) % cannabidiol (CBD) price per 5 grams
Excl. VAT and prescription fee
Bedrobinol® approximately 13.5 <1 €32.45*
Bedrocan® approximately 22 <1 €32.45*
Bediol® approximately 6.3 approximately 8 €32.45*
Bedica® approximately 14 <1 €32.45*
Bedrolite® <1 approximately 7.5 €32.45*

Response from patient association PGMCG

In a response on Instagram, Marian Hutten of the PGMCG Foundation wrote: “It is time for other suppliers and competition, then there will be more types and different prices.”


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