Are we going for gold? or is it April 1st?

Are we going for gold? or is it April 1st?
Are we going for gold? or is it April 1st?

April 1, 2024 • 10:18 PM by Chris Moorman

ZWIJNDRECHT -It kept people busy, the gold discovery on the banks of the Noord. Passers-by who heard it pointed to the North Banks when asked where gold could be found.

Although they did not go out with a metal detector, it captured the imagination.

It also made people think during conversations on Easter Sunday. It’s a shame we don’t have a metal detector, was one comment.

In the article about gold found in the Bridge and on there were a few references to location and date.

The article referred to England where gold had actually been found on a route where many raw materials had been transported from an area where it was actually found.

On the North Banks this could possibly be done at the former rubbish dump (although) or at the former shipbreaking yards, although it would also be special there.

It would be nice if this could be found on municipal land in Zwijndrecht, a craftsman noted, especially with the current gold prices.

The article was created on Monday evening in the town hall in response to a question from Johan Limberger of the CDA who asked Chris Moorman of ABZ. Chris was actually working there and suggested the possibility of using Easter Monday for a joke.

The article actually made a reference to the Monday on which Easter Monday would fall by mentioning the date on which the question was stated.

By writing the article in such a way that it seemed very real, it was also included in the press.

The article on had already revealed that Ronald Roël had read it critically on his way to Belgium, Zwijndrecht, where the language battle took place.

After Ronald elaborated further on this in a small circle, he is also from the ATOS radio, he received confirmation of what he analyzed.

Mrs. Vaandrager also had some doubts about the message, but only had doubts. Ronald Roël continued to puzzle and finally arrived at the result.

Easter Monday is April 1. He kept quiet about this so that the joke, which was known only to a few, was preserved until this moment.

The desire to pull off an April Fool’s joke came to fruition spontaneously. It did lead to some chuckling behind the scenes.

Who will come up with a funny joke next year?


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