Rijk Smit wins RAC Advertising Grand Prize

Rijk Smit wins RAC Advertising Grand Prize
Rijk Smit wins RAC Advertising Grand Prize

April 1, 2024 at 12:26

Mind sport

The Supporters’ Association of VSCO’61 in Oosterwolde organized the Easter Klaverjacks for the first time last Saturday.

Since there was no competitive football played this Saturday, there was a game of skating, partly due to the provision of great prizes by a new main sponsor RAC Reclame from Elburg. No fewer than 28 fanatical players competed for, among other things, the main prize: a meat voucher worth half a pig.

A total of 3 trees were played. With 6074 points, Rijk Smit was by far the boss. Second place went to Dies Klompmaker with 5898 points, followed by Wim van de Worp, who finished in third place, with 5621 points.
The supporters’ association looks back on a very successful Easter tournament that will certainly be continued. Afterwards a large raffle was held, which meant that many returned home with a nice prize.

The weekly Klaverjas evening will continue from Monday 8 April. Everyone is welcome at 7:30 PM in the canteen of VSCO ’61 at Zwarteweg 15 in Oosterwolde to also place a card. There are great prizes to be won every evening and there is a raffle.

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