Wildlands responds to criticism from Today Inside: expansion with invisible animals


Today, 1:31 p.m

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen is not averse to a little self-mockery. As an April Fool’s joke, the Drenthe zoo is today presenting a new area with invisible animals. It is a nod to the criticism that Johan Derksen and Wilfred Genee recently expressed in the TV program Today Inside.

Derksen and Genee claimed at the end of March that there are hardly any animals to be seen in Wildlands, partly due to the gigantic enclosures. “Especially for the men of Today Inside, we proudly present our latest expansion today!”the park now reports.

Which species can be found there? “With animals such as the transparent tiger, hidden birds, invisible ocelots, imperceptible opossums and the unnoticed okapis, Wildlands believes it has made a unique addition to the park with the Invisible Animal Exhibit.”

Rain shower
According to Wildlands, the residence can only be admired via social media on Easter Monday, which is not coincidentally April 1. Anyone who does want to spot real animals can simply come to Emmen. “You will see elephants, butterflies, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears, penguins, the new seals, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. There is also plenty to do inside, so don’t let a rain shower stop you from coming today.”

When Wildlands opened in 2016, the lack of visible animals was one of the biggest criticisms. A lot has changed since then. The zoo tackled the problem by making adjustments to walking routes and enclosures. A lot of theme elements have also been added since then.

Wildlands Emmen opens a new Nortica theme area: more decor and new animal species

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