STVV keeps Ghent and KV Mechelen in its sights, thanks to Jarne Steuckers




  1. 7′ – Goal – Jarne Steuckers (1 – 0)
  1. 62′ – Cont. Thomas Van den Keybus by Josimar Alcócer
  2. 72′ – Cont. Ryotaro Ito by Joel Chima Fujita
  3. 72′ – Cont. Kahveh Zahiroleslam by Rihito Yamamoto
  4. 72′ – Cont. Adriano Bertaccini by Fatih Kaya
  5. 72′ – Cont. Romeo Vermant by Lucas Stassin
  6. 72′ – Cont. Nicolas Madsen by Karol Borys
  7. 79′ – Cont. Allahyar Sayyadmanesh by Kyan Vaesen
  8. 84′ – Goal – Jarne Steuckers (2 – 0)
  9. 87′ – Cont. Mathias Delorge Knieper by Olivier Dumont
  10. 89′ – Cont. Jarne Steuckers by Joselpho Barnes

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 1 – 31/03/24 – 18:32

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Jarne Steuckers


Jarne Steuckers

1 – 0


Jarne Steuckers


Jarne Steuckers

2 – 0

On matchday 1 of the Europe Play-offs, STVV sent Westerlo empty-handed to the Kempen again: 2-0. Jarne Steuckers scored both goals. In the rankings, the club from Sint-Truiden follows 3 points from KV Mechelen and 4 from leader KAA Gent.

STVV – Westerlo in a nutshell:

Key moment: The Canaries can celebrate after just 7 minutes. A shot from Steuckers disappears via the belly of Haspolat and the side of Tagir into the far corner. Westerlo never managed to really hit back after that.

Man of the Match: It won’t take long to find a match winner tonight. Jarne Steuckers scores 2 goals and helps his team get past Westerlo. He was almost allowed to add a nice assist.

Remarkable: STVV has not lost a single league match at home since October 8. A solid reputation that could easily help the Canaries to a final for a European ticket.

Double happiness

STVV saw KAA Gent and KV Mechelen win earlier this weekend and therefore had to keep the points at home against Westerlo at all costs to stay in the race for a European ticket.

The Truienaars may not have expected that they would soon receive help from the visitors. After just 7 minutes, a shot from Jarne Steuckers ended up in the cage of goalkeeper Gillekens, despite an earlier threat from Westerlo.

The Kanary’s blast deviated first onto Haspolat’s belly and then onto Tagir’s side. A double stroke of luck, but no less welcome opening goal.

STVV then took complete control of the game and looked for a double bonus until half time, but came away well just before half time. Unlucky Tagir was given an imposed opportunity to make up for his unwanted deviation. The defender expertly killed the chance from close range.


Third time’s the charm

The visitors drank a strong coffee at half time and came out of the changing rooms with renewed courage. The first chances were for Westerlo, but Frigan could not get past an alert Suzuki.

Bocat also almost outwitted its own goalkeeper, but in the end it was a matter of waiting for the death blow on the other side. Smets sent a first warning, but his header from the corner was too central.

A few minutes later, a combination between Fujita, Yamamoto and Suzuki would also not end up against the ropes. But the third chance was the right one. Fujita made a nice dribble in Westerlo’s box and served Steuckers, who simply slotted in his second of the evening.

Mission accomplished for STVV, which remains in the running for a European ticket. It follows 3 points from KV Mechelen and 4 from KAA Gent. Westerlo already seems completely exhausted.


Jarne Steuckers: “Everyone understands Fink’s system”

Thorsten Fink (coach STVV): “The opponent pressed higher in the second half and started playing differently, which made it more difficult for us. But that’s normal. We just had to finish in the first half. Our team is growing and we played well. We want the rest We can now also win our matches and then we’ll see. In any case, it won’t be easy against Mechelen.”

Bart Goor (coach Westerlo): “This is not really a deserved victory. STVV had the better part of the game, but no big chances. We also conceded a stupid goal, with 2 deviations. We just have to be efficient ourselves, so we were able to score after 3 minutes ahead. I have also seen a lot of good things.”

Jarne Steuckers (STVV): “This is a successful evening, it is nice to keep the 3 points at home. We have clearly started well in the Europe Play-offs. It is noticeable that everyone completely understands Fink’s philosophy.”

Tuur Rommens (Westerlo): “They didn’t have many more chances than us, but they did take advantage of their opportunities. We had some opportunities, especially at the beginning of the second half. We still want to win every game and finish as high as possible. Or the match against Genk did it still resonate? Maybe a little, but we were fully focused on this game.”

Phase by phase


Westerlo performed a lot better in the second half, but could never quite push STVV against its own goal. Steuckers ultimately decided the game with his second of the evening, the Canaries scored a deserved three-pointer and settled in the wake of Ghent and Mechelen.

Westerlo continues to try, but the sloppiness now follows one another in rapid succession. The battle is over.

3 – extra time

An extra 3 minutes will be added.

Applause for Steuckers

The visitors have lost their way and must be careful not to suffer another heavy 3-0 defeat. Steuckers will definitely not get the third, he will be replaced by applause.

STVV is suddenly all over the place! Steuckers plays the entire Westerlo defense with a great through ball, but Kaya just can’t put his toe against it. A minute later, Gillekens passes under a cross from Bocat, again Kaya cannot take advantage.

GOAL: Books allowed!

Third time, good time for STVV! The chances of Smets and Yamamoto were already a warning, Steuckers finally pulled the trigger. He slides the ball in from close range, Fujita is credited with a nice assist.

Kaya is late!

Just after the huge opportunity for Smets, the Canaries show themselves again! Fujita gives excellent feedback to Yamamoto, who delivers something between a shot and a cross. Kaya arrives at the second post just too late.

Westerlo immediately reacts to Smets’ jab and attacks Suzuki’s cage again. Haspolat’s volley goes a meter wide and over.

Smets drops 2-0

Out of nowhere there is almost the death blow for Westerlo! Smets is only allowed to nod towards goal on a corner kick, but aims straight at goalkeeper Gillekens.

Reckless tackle

Delorge cleverly turns away from his man and then runs into Jordanov. He pulls off a reckless sliding tackle and mows down the Truiense midfielder. Yellow cards are not justified.

Fierce Vermant

Vermant is clearly not pleased with his substitution and makes some striking movements. The bank has to pay for it.

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