Public prosecutor demands 16 years for mother and 6 years for son for murder and dumping the body

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Public prosecutor demands 16 years for mother and 6 years for son for murder and dumping the body

2024-03-22 – 2 minutes reading time

WILLEMSTAD – The Public Prosecution Service has demanded a prison sentence of sixteen years against Yvolaine J. and six years against her son Gabrielo J. for the murder of Sidney Domitilia on June 18, 2023 and the dumping of his body at Playa Canoa.

According to witnesses, Domitilia’s lifeless body was discovered in the water that day. The police started an investigation and, based on images from surveillance cameras in the area, were able to determine the involvement of a white van and a gold Toyota Yaris, which turned out to be the property of Gabrielo.

During her arrest, Yvolaine initially stated that she knew nothing about the murder. She claimed that she was out with her son on errands that day.

Sexual abuse

But the story changed when police confronted her with evidence, after which she admitted responsibility for Domitilia’s death. She described a scenario of abuse and sexual violence by Domitilia, who she said also wanted to abuse her children.

Court records show that Yvolaine and Gabrielo are accused of a particularly brutal murder, committed on Father’s Day, followed by the cold-blooded dumping of the body into the sea.

Important testimonies, including that of Yvolaine’s youngest daughter, played a crucial role in the investigation. She described in detail the events of that day, including how her brother and mother dumped Domitilia’s body and personal belongings into the sea.

The pathologist, Mr. Althaus, confirmed that Domitilia had been stabbed to death, with a fatal stab wound to his neck as the direct cause of death. The body showed multiple wounds, indicating a violent struggle.

Yvolaine also admitted that Domitilia wanted to abuse her and her daughter, which offers a possible explanation for her extreme reaction. Nevertheless, after the murder, Yvolaine and her son attended the funeral as if nothing had happened, which was discussed during the trial.

In addition to the prison sentences, the Public Prosecution Service has also demanded compensation for the victim’s children and sister, a total of 37,300 guilders. The verdict is expected on April 8.

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