OHL is recovering: “It was make or break today”

OHL is recovering: “It was make or break today”
OHL is recovering: “It was make or break today”

OH Leuven is experiencing a very difficult season and has even fallen all the way to the bottom of the rankings in recent months. It even ended up in penultimate place for a while, but now it seems to have suddenly recovered. It achieved its second victory in a row on Saturday evening.

After the stunt against Genk a few days ago, it now also secured three important points against Westerlo, still a competitor in the battle for retention. It went smoothly with a 0-3 win in Het Kuipje, mainly thanks to a flying start.

Make or break for OHL

After just eleven minutes, OHL had already taken a double lead after goals from Banzuzi and Miguel. On the hour mark, captain Mathieu Maertens was able to remove the last doubts with the third goal. The midfielder was very happy after the big victory.

“It was make or break today,” Maertens realized Sporza. “Fortunately we won flawlessly. Okay, we may not do it with the most beautiful football, but the three points are the most important for us.”

Months full of misery

In any case, Maertens sees progress. “We are already doing a good thing. Our team spirit is also good again, especially after our training camp. You can feel that everything is going well for us. And for me too, the goal was a nice boost after six months of misery.” , he indicates.

The 28-year-old was unable to reach his best level this season because he had problems with his eye for months, which affected his vision. As a result, he only made two appearances and ultimately had to undergo surgery in December. Now he seems to be slowly getting better again.

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