“That’s sad, man!”

“That’s sad, man!”
“That’s sad, man!”

René van der Gijp feels sorry for . The 21-year-old wing attacker from Excelsior unfortunately saw a dream transfer pass him by on the final day of the winter transfer period.

Driouech was in the interest of both Feyenoord and PSV in the final days of the transfer period. Feyenoord dropped out at some point, after which the winger’s future seemed to lie with PSV. However, just before the transfer market closed, the transfer was canceled because Excelsior was unable to attract a replacement for Driouech in time.

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“I still feel very sorry for that boy from Excelsior. Ah, very sad, man!” says Van der Gijp on Friday evening in the television program Today Inside. “Then you are in the interest of Feyenoord and PSV, you are in Eindhoven and you think: I’m being examined and that’s all set and done. And then you play at Excelsior again. That’s sad, man.”

Fellow analyst Johan Derksen expects that it is still a matter of time before Driouech gets a step higher. “That will happen, René,” said Derksen. Van der Gijp: “I know that, Johan. But you also know: they will now follow him in the coming months and if he plays less, they will have another player in mind. This was the moment for Driouech.”

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