Do gray hairs really grow back faster if you pull them out?

Do gray hairs really grow back faster if you pull them out?
Do gray hairs really grow back faster if you pull them out?

Gray locks can be very beautiful, but they are often not associated with a youthful appearance. This is also the reason why many people choose to dye their hair. If we come across a stray gray hair, we just pull it out, right? Unfortunately, there are also rumors that gray hairs grow back faster if you pluck them out… Fortunately, there are doctors who give us clarity on this matter.

Grey hair

The fact remains: you are as young as you feel. That said, we cannot escape aging and the gray hair that comes with it. In addition, you have probably heard someone say: “If you pull out one gray hair from your head, ten will grow in return.” Is this true, or are we talking about a fable here?

Dermatologist Dr. Hamdan Absdullah provides clarity: “The color gray does not spread when you pull out your hair,” he says. “However, every time you pull it out you are also removing the follicle, so I suggest leaving the white hair as it is.” Although plucking out gray hairs does not promote their growth, so it is better to stay away from them altogether. By pulling hair from your head you can damage the follicle and surrounding hair follicles. This can even cause your hair to stop growing in that area – something you definitely want to avoid.

Hair remains gray

Hair surgeon Dr. Patrick Davis that if you do pull out that gray hair, exactly the same hair will grow back. “The hair follicle is actually the home of the hair, filled with the characteristics of the hair you’ve removed,” Davis explains. “So it will grow back with those same characteristics.” Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green reiterates the hair loss that can occur when hair is plucked too much. “Although plucking gray hairs can lead to hair loss over time, it will not cause more gray hairs to grow as only one hair can grow from any given hair follicle.”


For many women, discovering their first gray hair was a moment they do not look back on positively. Yet we will all have to believe it at some point, so we might as well accept it. Unless there is a way to prevent the growth of gray hair…

Experts agree that gray hair growth depends on several factors, such as age, genetics and diet. “As we age, there are hormonal changes that cause gray hair to appear at a certain age,” Davis said. To get an indication of whether you too will get gray hair in the near future, he recommends looking at your parents and grandparents. “If they had gray hair at a relatively young age, chances are it will happen to you too.”

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