Police arrest Polish murderer in Schijndel

Police arrest Polish murderer in Schijndel
Police arrest Polish murderer in Schijndel

The man was sentenced to life imprisonment in Poland in 2019 for the murder of two people, but he is said to have fled to the Netherlands after his act.

Former MMA fighter

According to the police, it concerns ‘a renowned former MMA fighter’ who committed a double murder in his hometown of Bedzin in 2005. “He hit a man and a woman in their home several times on the head with a blunt and sharp-edged object with the intention of killing them. Both died as a result,” the police said. “Two days after his act, he set fire to the couple’s apartment and fled.”

According to Polish authorities, the man was hiding in the Netherlands under a false identity and may be working in construction. A European arrest warrant had been issued for him since June 2021.

Surrender decision

Before his arrest, the Polish police worked together with the police Fugitive Active Search Team Netherlands (FASTNL), which is part of a European investigation team (ENFAST).

The man is in custody and will be brought to trial after the weekend. The extradition chamber of the court in Amsterdam will then make a decision on his extradition to Poland.

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