‘Even after your death you are screwed as a single’

‘Even after your death you are screwed as a single’
‘Even after your death you are screwed as a single’

I’ve written before about all the things in life that are quite expensive for singles, like single meals, hotel rooms and buying/renting a house. I thought I had made a nice list, but the podcast VSR suggested a number of things that are really shit for singles, according to de Volkskrant. I was reading it with my mouth open, because there were also things in there that even I, the eternal bachelor, didn’t even know.

For example, did you know that you pay more tax as a single person, especially if you do not have children? Double-income earners with children apparently get a nice double-income bonus. And that’s what you can do if you’re a childless bachelor. If you live alone, you also pay much more in sewerage and waste taxes, because you pay per household and not per person. So whether you are a family of five or a single person, you all have to pay the same amount. Quite unfair. Or do they sometimes think that we also throw all our discarded dates in the garbage?

You can also often get a discount on insurance and subscriptions if you have a partner or children. But a discount because you are alone and could use a financial windfall? Absolutely not. According to research, singles are, on average, slightly more unhappy than people in a relationship and we are more likely to experience burnout. Well… that is also possible.

I’ve gone on a huge rant before about how shitty it is for a single person to buy a house, but apparently some people even see us singles as one of the reasons why the housing market is so bad. fucked up is. Someone responded to VSR’s message that the housing market is bursting thanks to singles. Because yes, they occupy all those homes on their own. Nice and sympathetic to blame the enormous housing problem on single people who already have it shitty enough, Gerrit. You could also blame the VVD’s years of mismanagement. But no, singles who are disadvantaged in every way in society, apparently they are the biggest problem.

And then the last one that really left me in shock. Unbelievable but true, even after your death you are still screwed as a single person. If you have children or a partner, you can leave much more money tax-free. But if you, as a single person, want important people in your life to inherit your hard-earned money, they have to pay much more tax on it. Do you want to be able to donate a lot of money to your best friend after your death? Then it is smart to marry that person before you retire. In other words: if all else fails, marry your bestie.

Merel (29) works for Flair and reports on her single life. That is sometimes anything but ‘quite nice’, because the range of nice, single men is quite disappointing. Follow Merel on Instagram via @merel.duit

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