Fire brigade pelted by bystanders during fire in Westland

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The fire brigade was pelted and attacked during work last night, the police reported. This happened while extinguishing a fire in a shed of a boat company in Poeldijk, near The Hague.

The police speak of large groups of people who came to the fire. When the fire brigade arrived in Westland, the emergency services were hampered in their work.

The riot police and police dogs were then deployed to keep spectators away from the fire. Ultimately, officers with shields and batons chased people away.

Images of the fire and the deployment of the riot police:

ME deployed at a major fire in Westland

A police spokesperson this morning could not say how large the group was that hindered the fire brigade’s work. It is also unclear whether people have been arrested or injured as a result of the disturbances.

The fire spread to an adjacent building materials store. Due to the smoke development, an NL Alert was sent with the advice to keep windows and doors closed and to turn off ventilation.

The boat storage shed burned down. No injuries were reported in the fire.

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