what does drug criminal ‘Taxi’ tell the police?

what does drug criminal ‘Taxi’ tell the police?
what does drug criminal ‘Taxi’ tell the police?

Wanted Amsterdam criminal Karim Bouyakhrichan recently reported to the Spanish police. Since the murder of his brother Samir ‘Scarface’ in 2014, he has only become further entangled in an underworld war full of violence. Now the question in the underworld and the upper world is: does he talk?

Wouter Laumans and Paul VugtsFebruary 3, 202403:00

Two criminal business partners contacted each other via crypto telephones in early September 2014. More than a week earlier, their associate Samir ‘Scarface’ Bouyakhrichan was liquidated in Marbella. He was considered one of the largest cocaine traffickers in Europe, and is still considered the first truly wealthy Amsterdam coke baron.

‘Everything in confusion’

At the time of the conversation, Samir had been buried in Morocco for a few days. In addition to intense sadness for his loved ones, his death also causes unrest for his business partners. Besides the question of who is behind the murder, a second dilemma presents itself. ‘What now?’ The murder of the boss caused quite a few panels to move.

“Just finding our base again,” writes one of the criminals. “Everything’s kind of messed up.” His conversation partner has an idea of ​​how the organization can overcome the blow. “We have to support that bald one together, then everything will be fine, bro.” The other person agrees. ‘We’ll never let go of bald ones.’

By ‘Kale’ the two most likely mean Samir Bouyakhrichan’s older brother, Karim. Now that his youngest brother has been liquidated, he has to do the honors. He will take care of the criminal legacy – including the important part that has now been more or less laundered and is directly or indirectly registered in the name of the Bouyakhrichans in the upper world.

Karim Bouyakhrichan is the eldest brother in a Moroccan family with five children from Amsterdam-Slotervaart. Around the age of twenty, he was arrested, together with Samir, in an investigation into stolen cars. The group of friends stole small Fiats Cinquecento. These were then converted and resold. He gets several months in prison.

Nickname: Taxi

After his detention he starts working as a taxi driver. Hence its nickname to this day: ‘Taxi’.

His youngest brother Samir is now making a meteoric career in the underworld. Started as a moped thief and burglar, he switched to the drug trade. In the criminal environment, the youngest of the Bouyakhrichan family quickly became known as a chess player, a quick thinker and a handy businessman, who would also have made it in the upper world, but opted for the underworld with the fast money.

Samir is one of the men behind the ‘Moroccan trampoline’. Drug cartels from South America sent cocaine to West Africa in the first decade of this century (a route that is again in vogue). From there, the drugs ‘bounce’ to Europe via old Moroccan hash lines. Later, a lot of coke is also smuggled to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam via corrupt port staff.

According to tradition, Samir and his business partners amassed a fortune. An apocryphal, persistent story has it that Samir Bouyakhrichan bought a 200 million euro shopping center in Dubai. Paid in cash. Whether this is the truth and nothing but the truth no longer matters much in the years before his death: his status opens more and more doors and the greatest see him as an important factor – whether it is the ideal trading partner or a dangerous rival.

Passport affair

The situation in the Dutch underworld between 2009 and mid-2012 becomes clear from the passport affair, which revolves around a corrupt municipal official in The Hague. She not only arranged a cloned passport for Samir Bouyakhrichan, but also for big boys such as (the now internationally wanted) Mohamed Nyabi and Mustapha ‘Moes’ F., on whom a failed attack was committed in Marrakech in 2017; (the now sentenced to life) Naoufal ‘Noffel’ F. and Ridouan Taghi. A cloned passport has also been fixed for Karim Bouyakhrichan. According to investigative services, he and his brother own the Spanish real estate companies Albina Properties 2009 SL and RORO Trading Company SL. He is known as Samir’s financial extension in the upper world, because he can move there more easily than his youngest brother.

In 2014, this group of leading criminals becomes entangled in a long-running feud and falls apart into camps that seek each other’s lives. The conflict revolves around control over the thriving drug lines from South America to Europe, and therefore a lot of money.

On one side is the triumvirate of Rico ‘the Chilean’ R., Naoufal F. and Ridouan Taghi – surrounded by renowned criminals, such as the Italian mafia boss Raffaele Imperiale, who long operated a coffee shop in the city center of Amsterdam.

On the other side is Samir Bouyakhrichan’s group, which in addition to brother Karim also includes cousin Jalal el A., the aforementioned Mustapha F. and the native Amsterdam criminal Danny K.. The investigative authorities assume that the murder of Samir Bouyakhrichan is the result of this conflict, and that the murder is ‘the turning point’ in the underworld feud, because ‘Rico the Chilean’, Naoufal F. and Ridouan Taghi are trying to seize power definitively. .

Contacts with Colombia and the FARC

About a year after the murder of ‘Scarface’, in the third quarter of 2015, the Criminal Intelligence Team of the criminal investigation department received a tip. ‘Mohamed and Karim regularly work together, but each works independently. The organization of Karim, who is Scarface’s brother, is mainly concerned with laundering money from the cocaine trade. Mohamed is mainly involved in the smuggling of large quantities of cocaine. He has the contacts in Colombia and with the Farc.’

When a truck driver was kidnapped in Mijnsheerenland in South Holland on October 27, 2015, the police received the following information. ‘The container with pineapples contained more than 2,000 kilos of cocaine. The purchase of the coke was financed by a white man named Danny K. from Amsterdam, together with Karim Bouyakhrichan and a third man, a friend of Karim.’

If the report is correct, Karim has indeed taken over his brother’s role. It seems that he has become fully involved in the conflict that cost his brother his life. For example, at the end of 2015, the police received information that ‘Yugoslavian’ ex-commandos had been arranged to liquidate Karim Bouyakhrichan and a number of members of his group. Karim is warned.

Bouyakhrichan, in turn, also seems to be looking for people who can kill his rivals. For example, according to the Public Prosecution Service, he discusses a murder plan that involves killing someone in Morocco.

The fact that the mutual threat is serious became apparent in November 2017. Then the aforementioned attack was committed on Mustapha ‘Moes’ F., who is considered part of Bouyakhrichan’s group. The gunmen flown in from the Netherlands blunder and shoot dead the innocent son of a prominent Moroccan judge. That murder, for which a whole group of Dutch criminals was severely punished, including the death penalty, further strained relations.

‘They’re looking for me’

In January 2018, Karim Bouyakhrichan was arrested in Amstelveen when he tried to renew his cloned passport. In an interrogation he says that his brother was liquidated in Spain. “They are also looking for me, I look over my shoulder all day long. I’m afraid. The threat is increasing. Someone was recently liquidated in Morocco and they say I’m next.”

While several family members had long hoped to one day live a comfortable, quiet life in the upper world in Dubai and perhaps ultimately in the Netherlands with the fortune amassed through crime, the underworld conflicts and the attention of the authorities continue to thwart this.

On December 12, 2019, Rachid Kotar was shot dead as he put his five-year-old son in the backseat of his armored BMW after swimming lessons, in the parking lot for luxury gym Health City in Amstelveen. The investigative services place Kotar in the entourage of Karim Bouyakhrichan and immediately link the murder to the lingering tensions. A group of Amsterdam residents are convicted for carrying out the murder, but the justice system cannot take the step towards the clients.

The liquidation takes place during a period in which the police are fully analyzing decrypted mutual messages. The investigative services conclude from this that the hard core of the group around ‘Rico the Chilean’, who has now been arrested in Chile, had far-reaching plans to liquidate Karim Bouyakhrichan in Dubai. Not with firearms, because that is a huge risk in Dubai due to strict laws, but with knives.


In a variety of mutual conversations, a plan with ‘ninjas’ appeals to the imagination. Although lawyers and supporters of both Richard R. and the Bouyakhrichan family refer that supposed murder plan to the realm of fables, it says something about the threat that does not seem to diminish. When the police intercepted a message that the arrested Ridouan Taghi had allegedly been smuggled out of the Extra Secure Facility in Vught, Karim Bouyakhrichan’s nickname was mentioned again. Taghi seems to complain to Raffaele Imperiale about the fact that nothing has happened to Karim Bouyakhrichan. ‘And sir, that gagy and primo (Mohamed Nyabi) and taxi, what about them? They bribed the Dubai police, sir! My police sir!’

Because of the message, Karim Bouyakhrichan is warned for the umpteenth time that his life is in danger.

Insiders from many quarters say that Karim Bouyakhrichan has not felt comfortable under the enormous pressure for years. The idea is that this is partly why he left Dubai. In Spain, he and five others are now suspected of laundering 6 million euros and membership of a criminal organization.

Is he going to talk?!

Now that he reported himself to the police there last month, this has caused great unrest in the underworld and the upper world. Is he going to talk?! He can tell a lot about the vicissitudes in the criminal environment, but he and his youngest brother have also had plenty of help from the regular business world in the past, for example in laundering assets and real estate.

There is no evidence yet that he makes substantive statements, but that makes little difference to the noise ‘outside’.

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