The weather: spring fever – MAX Today

The weather: spring fever – MAX Today
The weather: spring fever – MAX Today

For those who are eagerly awaiting spring: we have already gained more than an hour of daylight compared to the beginning of this year. Especially during clear afternoons you will notice that the sun sets a lot later than in the 1st week of January. Good for the first spring fever.

Winter lovers can’t complain

I know a lot of people who want to watch spring from the air and from the ground in the near future. That entire winter, and especially the long dark days, could be stolen from them. In the meantime, winter enthusiasts can’t complain. We have had frost and snow. There was skating and a lot of sledding, especially in Limburg. A few people were soaped with snowballs and the unlucky ones fell through the ice.

Fell through the ice

The latter also applied to me. Because of the ice in the pond in my own garden, how sad. And to think that I always very carefully make a hole with warm water to allow the carbon dioxide to escape from the stagnant pond after a week of frost. No chopping! Because then the fish and wintering frogs will be shocked. And then I made a racket myself by falling through it up to my crotch… There are no ice problems for the time being.

Real cold has retreated

The real cold has retreated in the north of Scandinavia. Many fronts have a northerly course and mainly move over Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Sweden. We get the offshoots of that, which makes the light variable. Meanwhile, afternoon temperatures are often between 7 and 11 degrees and it can sometimes freeze slightly during a clear night. The first crocuses appear above the ground.

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(Source: MAX Magazine – Edition no. 5 2024. Photo: ANP)


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