Self-reflexive perception. The best exhibitions in your own country

Self-reflexive perception. The best exhibitions in your own country
Self-reflexive perception. The best exhibitions in your own country

Jef Geys

Wiels, Vorst, until 19/5.

Insight into a special, self-reflexive art practice.

Jacques Sonck

A Foundation, Brussels, until 31/3

Cult photographer pays tribute to diversity.


Brussels Expo, until 4/2

Art fair on stand, with Delvaux Foundation as guest of honor.


Mima, Brussels, until 26/5

Colorful, slightly eccentric view of our society.

Josef Hoffmann

Museum Art & History, Brussels, until 14/4

Pioneering figure of modern design.

A story of encounters

Museum Art & History, Brussels, until 18/2

Georgia from the Neolithic to today.

Tim Burton’s Labyrinth

Tour & Taxis, Brussels, until 4/2

The creative universe of an eccentric filmmaker.


Tour&Taxis, Brussels, until 10/3

Sculpture and installation in dialogue with public space.

L’art de rien

De Centrale, Brussels, until 17/3

The art of the smallest gesture.

Céline Pagès & Christine Marchal, ‘La Franse des méduses’, 2023. — © Silvia Cappellari

ReThinking collection

Africa Museum, Tervuren, until 29/9

Museum shows its own provenance research.

Children's drawing by fashion designer Mikio Sakabe, seen in Echo.

Children’s drawing by fashion designer Mikio Sakabe, seen in Echo. — © momu/rr


Momu, Antwerp, until 25/2

The intimate bond between clothing and memory.

Rare and indispensable

MAS, Antwerp, until 25/2

20 years of masterpiece policy and what it yielded.


Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp, until 3/3

Current artists chat with old masters.

'Study of a dog', Johannes Fijt. Museum Plantin-Moretus

‘Study of a dog’, Johannes Fijt. Museum Plantin-Moretus

James Barnor

Fomu, Antwerp, until 10/3

Dennis Typhus

Tim Van Laere Gallery, until 16/3

Drawings, a Penalty study and a clock system.

Joris Van de Moortel

De Warande, Turnhout, until 28/4

Multidisciplinary oeuvre, with neon as a signature.

Jan Van Imschoot

Smack, Ghent, up to 3/3

The painter of the ‘anarcho-baroque’.

The 90's on one disc.

The 90’s on one disc. — © house of alijn

Antiquity in color

Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren, until 2/6

What Greek and Roman statues really looked like.

Arno. The show of life

Venetian Galleries, Ostend, until 21/5

Danny Willems on the heels of a rock phenomenon.

Rose, rose, rose à mes yeux!

Muzee, Ostend, until 14/4

James Ensor and the still life.

Ensor and sortie

Caps, Ostend, until 24/2

What contemporary artists learned from Ensor.

Bill Viola

La Boverie, Liège, until 28/4

Life, suffering, death: video art about primal themes.


Félicien Rops Museum, Namur, until 10/3

Artists’ studios in the 19th century.

Lionel Estève & Jochen Lempert

MACs, Grand Hornu, until 17/3

Two poetic souls at work.

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