Frank Lammers searches for gold in the Australian Outback

Frank Lammers searches for gold in the Australian Outback
Frank Lammers searches for gold in the Australian Outback

Actor Frank Lammers – known as drug boss Ferry Bouman – had to leave the series for a long time Undercover – didn’t think when he was asked to look for gold in Australia for a documentary on Discovery. “This adventure is tailor-made for me.”

Australia is the country where the most gold in the world is currently found: here you will find gigantic mines where both large companies and small fortune seekers do everything they can to find gold. In Frank Goes for Gold Lammers immerses himself in this bizarre world.

From one surprise to another

“This industry continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Lammers. The actor, who has a penchant for traveling and discovering special places, had one surprise after another during the recordings.

“We met people who live in the middle of nowhere. As life passes by, they spend every day finding gold. And once they find it, they use it to invest in the search for even more gold. Fascinating.”

Diligent gold diggers and striking figures

The never-ending search is the order of the day in the Australian Outback. The people Lammers speaks to on his journey through no man’s land are all gripped by gold fever.

“Gold is man’s second oldest hobby,” Lammers jokes. “People have been fascinated by gold ever since the ancient Egyptians found the first nugget of gold.” And while he chats in his well-known humorous way with diligent gold seekers and striking figures, the actor becomes increasingly fanatical in his own search for gold episode after episode.

Discovery Frank goes for gouc
Frank Lammers himself is becoming increasingly affected by gold fever. Discovery

Lithium, copper and nickel are the new gold

But it’s not just gold that is being sought: lithium, copper, cobalt and nickel are also highly sought after. “These precious metals are used for smartphones, electric cars and solar panels. It is the new gold, extremely valuable.”

And when it comes to valuable things, people are willing to go far, as shown in the docuseries. Lammers goes out with gold seekers who risk their lives under harsh conditions in the hunt for a lump of gold. We see how he descends into the largest mines in the world and how pieces of stone are even scanned by X-rays for valuable metals.

There is gold in the ground, but not rich

In episode 1 (available on discovery+), Lammers started his journey in the mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia. Here he visited the Dutch Adrienne Verburg and her Australian husband Ben Holman, who lease a gigantic piece of land of 500,000 hectares from the Australian government.

Ironically, they themselves are not getting rich from all the gold in their soil. “But they facilitate the mining companies that mine gold here. They earn their income by providing housing, maintenance and water to cool the mine drills.”

No rush in the gold rush

Lammers gets tips ‘on the go’, such as from the 74-year-old gold prospector Golly ‘There’s no rush in the gold rush’ – and from the local hat seller: ‘What to do when you find gold? Keep it a secret.’

In tonight’s episode the journey continues through the vast Outback, where you never seem to be alone – insects and snakes are never far away.

Looking ahead to discovery+

Wondering whether Frank Lammers himself will go home with gold? You can see this every Friday evening until March 1 at 8:30 PM on Discovery Frank Goes for Gold. Or look ahead to discovery+.

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