Theo de Vries is still going for gold

Theo de Vries is still going for gold
Theo de Vries is still going for gold

Fri Feb 2, 11:45 am

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ETTEN-LEUR – Theo doesn’t know how to stop yet. During the National Championships of the Dutch Association for Birds on January 17, 2024 in Hardenberg, he won 2x gold again; 1x for a yellow-billed sharp-tailed finch and 1x for a tribe of red-billed sharp-tailed finch and 1x silver for a yellow-billed sharp-tailed finch.

This is surely a top achievement at the age of 86. A bird lover through and through. Theo has been a bird lover through and through from an early age and is present at many exhibitions with the best birds at that time. Over the years he has collected many prizes during Regional, Dutch, European and World Championships. That doesn’t happen automatically.

To play, the birds must be in top condition and meet the strict requirements. Theo gets up early every morning to ensure that his birds remain at top level. This involves quite a bit in terms of care. It is important that the birds receive the right nutrition such as good egg food, seed mixture, grit, sepia, bunch of vultures and green food. It is also important that the birds have sufficient hours of light per day and the enclosure must remain frost-free. The cages must be cleaned regularly and the birds must have clean water every day. All in all, this costs him a few hours a day.

In the spring, Theo looks at which couples are suitable for breeding together and thus achieve good or even better results. When the young birds come out of the nest, they are ringed after 8 days and monitored closely. In the coming period he will look at which birds are eligible for the exhibition. Before the birds go to the exhibition, they are kept in a separate cage for about 10 weeks. A few days before the exhibition they are taken away and inspected at the location. During the inspection, attention is paid to condition, color and markings. The inspection letter states the results of the inspection. Shortly after the exhibition, the birds are picked up again to go home. To be able to deliver these performances, he must also be in good condition. And that’s what he is at the age of almost 87. Although sometimes he notices that he is getting older and wants to take it easy.[n]

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