Microsoft accidentally confirms Windows 11 24H2 update


Microsoft is not updating Windows to version 12, but is providing an interim update. It should be released at the end of this year.

Much has already been written about the next major update for Windows. It was initially thought that Microsoft would release the next major version of the operating system in 2024. It previously emerged that Microsoft would postpone the major Windows 12 update until 2025. Microsoft did not confirm or deny this, but has now – unintentionally – announced that the next update will be Windows 11 24H2.

Delay Windows 12

The fact that Windows 12 is being delayed for a year has everything to do with the departure of Panos Panay, who had control over the OS until September 2023. After the departure of the manager, it was decided to approach the Windows strategy differently and therefore also to postpone the launch of Windows 12. This decision undoubtedly also has to do with the popularity of Windows 11. The OS has a market share of 26.54% of all Windows PCs. In other words: more than three-quarters of all Windows users are still using an older version. The vast majority of users, approximately 65.6%, are still on Windows 10.

With that in mind, it doesn’t exactly make sense to immediately come up with a new Windows version. Windows 12 would only cause more fragmentation in the Windows landscape. In addition, many users cannot install Windows 11 due to the specific system requirements of the OS. The postponement of Windows 12 should ensure that more users find their way to a PC that is Windows 11-ready, and in the long term also Windows 12-ready.

Or at least, that’s what can be gleaned from rumors and insider testimonials about the next Windows release. Microsoft itself did not share anything about the upcoming update until now. On the developer site for Windows, the company explicitly mentions the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update. It is the first time that Microsoft has mentioned the update by name, and in this case it appears to have been unintentional.

Windows 11 24H2: which features and when?

In this way, Microsoft confirms for the first time that the next Windows 11 update will be to 24H2, and not to Windows 12. However, that does not mean that the new Windows version does not bring anything new. Expect a more in-depth Copilot integration, which is aware of what’s happening on the computer. In addition, the AI ​​tool must work better with the apps and programs you use on the PC.

No other features are known at this time, but we may learn more as we get closer to launch. Based on internal documents that Windows Latest could view, this would happen at the end of 2024 – Microsoft itself is aiming for the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter.

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