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EditorialFebruary 2, 20243:30 PM

More people than you think live with compulsive rituals: ‘I was busy with them 12 to 14 hours a day’

In his new show 13 comedian William Boeva ​​talks candidly about his obsessive-compulsive disorder. His testimony strikes a chord with many viewers, because about 3 percent of the population is affected by it. “It affects your entire thinking and actions.”

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Jonathan D’Hondt is committed to increasing awareness of OCD with the non-profit organization Mel’s Rose. His wife Melanie struggled with the condition for years and no longer wanted to live with it.Image ID/ Jonas Lampens

0.04 euro loss per kilogram of pork: why does the farmer earn so little and do we pay so much in the store?

Anyone who sympathizes with the farmers should pay more for their products. It is the price war between supermarkets and wholesalers that is causing farmers to be desperate. This is evident from an analysis of the profit margins.

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Farmers’ protest in Brussels.Image Eric de Mildt

Regrets after plastic surgery? ‘I thought: just get those new teeth in. But afterwards it turned out that she was not a real dentist’

From a little botox above your eyebrows to buttocks like balloons, perfection is a snap. But not everyone is equally happy with the result. These three people had regrets after plastic surgery. “Now I realize that my ideal of beauty was completely distorted by social media.”

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Regret after plastic surgery. Image Damon De Backer
Regret after plastic surgery.Image Damon De Backer

From sky-high inflation to billions for the army: why the Ukrainian state is on a Western drip

A European fund of 50 billion euros should help Ukraine to survive. That money is intended for humanitarian purposes, not to finance the war. Although the difference between the two is small in a war economy. “Ukraine is on a Western drip.”

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Ukrainian citizens receive a food parcel in the Donetsk region. Image Anadolu via Getty Images
Ukrainian citizens receive a food parcel in the Donetsk region.Image Anadolu via Getty Images

Seven things you too may be doing wrong in the kitchen

Break your Italian kitchen hearts by adding oil to your pasta water, and can you really just wash mushrooms with water? Seven contemporary kitchen myths debunked.

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'Do not shock pasta with cold water. This way you rinse off all the starch and you need that for your sauce.' Image Getty Images
‘Do not shock pasta with cold water. This way you rinse off all the starch and you need that for your sauce.’Image Getty Images

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