Despite track record, Bos is outside the prizes at European Skeleton Championships

Kimberley Bos during the start at the European Championships in Sigulda

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Skeleton star Kimberley Bos finished in sixth place at the World Cup competition in Sigulda, Latvia, which also counts as the European Championship. The victory went to the Canadian Mirela Rahneva, just ahead of the Belgian Kim Meylemans, who was rewarded with the European title.

Bos, the 2022 European champion who also has a silver World Cup medal (2023) and bronze Olympic medal (2022) in her trophy case, had a poor first run. She did not get through turn 13 completely well and recorded the fifteenth fastest time, no less than 0.79 seconds behind Meylemans.

“I hit the entrance of the bend,” Bos reflected. “I was launched from my sled and fell on my saddle. So I couldn’t actually steer in that bend, I was happy that I came out normally. But then you just lose a lot of time.”

Skeleton star Bos: ‘Very happy with track record, but a shame to end like this’

Valentina Margaglio, number three in the World Cup standings behind Bos and Meylemans, did a fraction less than the Dutch ace, just like title defender Tina Hermann.

Track record

In the second run, under faster conditions, Bos showed what she is capable of. The winner of two of the five World Cup races this season was down after a flawless descent of 51.31. Not only a full second faster than earlier in the day, but also 0.15 under Janine Flock’s track record from 2020.

“I know I can sled well here,” said Bos. “And if you don’t make any big mistakes, it goes very fast. I am very happy with the track record.”

With this, the 30-year-old Edese laid the foundation for a major catch-up. One after another they bit off that super time and lost the advantageous margin from the first descent. There were some glimmers of hope when world champion Susanne Kreher, number six in the first run, also saw her lead of 0.37 over Bos go up in smoke.

Neise takes the lead

Olympic champion Hannah Neise was the first to resist. The German was left with 0.33 of the 0.56 lead with which she started her second run. Ultimately, four more women emerged during Bos’s time. “It’s a shame to end like this,” said Bos. “But I can be satisfied because I tried and gave it my all.”

The European Championship silver went to Neise and the bronze to the British Amelia Coltman. After eleven European Championship medals in a row (three gold, four silver and four bronze), 34-year-old Flock from Austria had to make do this time without a tangible memory.

In the World Cup standings, Bos retained the lead with 1,186 points, still ahead of Meylemans (1,042) and Margaglio (942).

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