Video: Boomlange Johan Derksen makes a dance in the studio after the Today Inside broadcast


That’s a strange sight: a strange-looking Johan Derksen is doing a dance in the corridors…

Johan Derksen was recently allowed to blow out 75 candles. Of course, that was also celebrated in the studio. After the broadcast, Johan couldn’t resist celebrating and took to the dance floor to show off his good dance moves. Looks like he hasn’t forgotten yet! But wait a minute: this ‘Johan’ looks very tall and fit. Is this because we normally only see him sitting in the studio? Or is there something else going on? Do you want to see his dance moves? View the images here!

Johan Derksen dancing

Looking back with Johan, or with Sam Hagens?

Even though the dance moves typically look like those of Johan Derksen, he seems just a little too tall to be the ‘real’ Johan. What seems? It’s Sam Hagens in disguise! After the episode, Wilfred and Sam look back on the most important topics that the men discussed in VI. Wilfred first asks Sam (wearing a Johan mask) mockingly whether he enjoyed his birthday and what he thought of the episode, to which Sam says: “Yes, great, I especially thought I was very good.” At this moment someone just happened to walk into the studio and immediately started laughing at the tall Johan.

Ambitions of Sam Hagens

After this funny sketch, the men move on to a more serious subject. They speak briefly about the difficult situations that are currently happening in politics. The formation of a coalition is mainly discussed. At the end of the video, Wilfred asks Sam if he has other ambitions. Sam says he is currently deeply involved in The Hague and if he wants to do something different, he would like to get out of The Hague more. He also indicates that he would really like to make something together with Merel Ek. Who knows, we may see more about this soon.

Want to see more of Today Inside?

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