Public Prosecution Service demands 24 years in prison for murder of Silvana Heber | The Gooi

Public Prosecution Service demands 24 years in prison for murder of Silvana Heber | The Gooi
Public Prosecution Service demands 24 years in prison for murder of Silvana Heber | The Gooi

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Den Bosch

The Public Prosecution Service demanded 24 years in prison on Thursday against ex-boyfriend Marlon B. (42) of the deceased Silvana Heber (36) from Hoogeloon in North Brabant. He is accused of a deliberately planned murder and burying the body.

Heber disappeared on November 19, 2022, after which the family raised the alarm. The mother of two children lived with B. in his home and was going to move to another home in the village. Three days after she went missing, her body was found in the Half Mijl forest area between Vessem and Veldhoven. She turned out to have been strangled, probably in bed.

After removing the body, B. was busy covering up traces in the house, according to the Public Prosecution Service. His ex’s blood was still on his jeans and in his car. The grave in which she was found must have been prepared, the Public Prosecution Service says. That was very deep and B. could not possibly have dug in the twenty minutes he was at Half Mijl on November 19. The GPS of his car also showed that he had already driven to the remote location several times in the weeks before the murder, before the body was found there. The suspect said he often went for a walk there.


B. claimed in the court in Den Bosch that he had not prepared anything, but did not deny that he killed her: “I must have done it, but I can’t remember.” Experts strongly believe that B. is pretending to have amnesia. “The suspect knows perfectly well what he has done, but chooses not to come forward,” the Public Prosecution Service said.

Relatives had hoped to get some answers during the hearing. “Really, do you have any idea what you’ve caused?” Heber’s mother asked B. “All because you couldn’t stomach the fact that Silvana wanted to leave you.”


Heber previously sought out a local police officer because she was moving and was worried about B’s reaction. Interrogations show that she told others that he was narcissistic, had loose hands and that she was afraid of him. According to the suspect there were no problems. “We broke up, but it wasn’t disastrous. We both made peace with it.”

The defense believes that B. should be acquitted of murder and that this is manslaughter, without a preconceived plan. “Something did happen, but it was not premeditated,” said the lawyer.

The verdict is on February 15.

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