US Military Stockpiles In Australia Amid Concerns Over Taiwan Tensions – Report


A new Reuters report suggests that the US military is intensifying its focus on military logistics aiming to enhance its readiness and capabilities in the critical Pacific region.

As concerns grow over a potential conflict with China over Taiwan, the US military has reportedly quietly increased its stockpile of equipment, including vehicles and containers, in warehouses located in Bandiana, northeastern Victoria, Australia.

The equipment, part of the Talisman Saber exercises, comprises around 330 vehicles and trailers along with 130 containers. This move, previously undisclosed, is seen as an effort to bolster logistics support, a key vulnerability identified in potential conflicts over Taiwan.

Officials told Reuters that the US military is concerned about the possibility of China targeting critical logistics infrastructure, such as jet fuel supplies or refueling ships, to cripple US air and sea power without engaging in direct combat.

A US soldier stands near a Bradley Fighting Vehicle during a joint military exercise against the Islamic State group and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces Delil SOULEIMAN / AFP

General Charles Flynn, the top US army commander in the Pacific, stated that this approach of ‘pre-positioning equipment in allied countries’, like Australia, is likely to be expanded in the future. The Pentagon says it is actively working with allies to enhance the mobility and distribution of US forces, recognizing the need to adapt to evolving challenges.

While the Chinese embassy in Washington did not directly respond to the reports, a spokesperson emphasized the importance of avoiding military contact with Taiwan and urged the US to refrain from actions that could escalate tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

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