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Youtuber Matteo Di Pietro (20) rented a Lamborghini with his buddies and drove through a zone 30 just outside Rome. The SUV collided with a Smart at a speed of 120 km/h. Five-year-old Manuel was killed. The incident caused uproar and outrage in Italy last summer. The YouTuber has now been convicted, but there is criticism of the sentence.


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The young people had rented the SUV in June to make videos for the YouTubers collective Theborderline. After the collision, the Smart was reduced to scrap. Little Manuel died instantly. His three-year-old sister and mother were seriously injured in the accident and taken to hospital.

The fact that the ride may have been part of a YouTube challenge has caused horror. The YouTubers showed incredibly reckless behavior by driving at excessive speeds in residential areas.

Youtuber Matteo Di Pietro. © Photo News

Last June, an investigating judge stated that Di Pietro had “rented the Lamborghini SUV for the sole purpose of impressing and attracting the attention of young Internet surfers in order to increase advertising revenues at the expense of safety.”


Four years for murdering a five-year-old child? A reform of the legal system is desperately needed

Matteo Salvini

Di Pietro has now been sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison. But because he has already served part of his sentence and the remaining prison sentence is less than four years, he will ultimately not have to go to prison.

Italian Transport Minister Matteo Salvini spoke out on the case after the verdict. “Four years for murdering a five-year-old child? Justice reform is desperately needed.”

Youtuber Matteo Di Pietro.
Youtuber Matteo Di Pietro. © Photo News

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