Utrecht gin wins gold during World Gin Awards 2024

Utrecht gin wins gold during World Gin Awards 2024
Utrecht gin wins gold during World Gin Awards 2024

Photo: Dutch Craft Gin distills

The Dutch Stookt Craft Gin won a prize at the renowned ‘International World Gin Awards 2024’ in London. Distillers from all over the world send their drinks to the professional jury in England, which has assessed more than 900 different gins from 47 countries this edition. Two friends from Utrecht won the gold medal for the ‘Best Dutch Contemporary Gin’. Contemporary Gin is also called modern gin – a popular style within gin that focuses on a different flavor than just the juniper berry.

Lennart Hanemaaijer (31) and Jan Willem Paasse (33) only uncorked their gin company last summer. The heating itself started a few years ago in the kitchen with a converted asparagus pan. “We converted an old asparagus pan into a boiler and that went quite well.” says Lennart. “But we decided quite quickly to purchase a better copper boiler.” Everything went through the kettle, from rum to whiskey and from eau de vie to gin. When the hobby became more serious, it was ultimately decided to focus on gin. “It’s a fun drink to make because you can go in any direction with it. We opted for fruity flavors including dried grapefruit, lemon peel and poppy to create a surprising and accessible gin.”
The first numbered edition of 550 bottles of Stookt Craft Gin is now a fact and the two friends are working hard to get the gin on the shelves in more places next spring. “After a super enthusiastic release last summer in our native village of Oosterbeek, we are now busy getting our gin on the shelves of more liquor stores and catering establishments.” says Jan Willem. “The gold award we have now won is recognition that not only we, but also a professional jury, find Stookt Gin particularly tasty!”

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