This reliable German used car costs only 5,000 euros

This reliable German used car costs only 5,000 euros
This reliable German used car costs only 5,000 euros

Your car is important to you. That says a lot about your style and good taste and all that… yes, status, exactly! That’s why you want an appealing German brand, no introduction necessary. Only… yes, you don’t have the budget for an impressive limo, so… it will be one of these three decent German used cars for 5,000 euros.

The range of used cars is enormous. You can find second-hand cars everywhere at a dealer, via, a specialized site and even on Facebook. Autovisie selects the three best used cars in a segment every week.

Reliable German used car for 5,000 euros

This time we are looking for a decent German second-hand car for a maximum of 5,000 euros. Today we highlight the second occasion. Don’t like the BMW 1-series? Then look at the occasions on Thursday and Saturday!

BMW 1 Series (2004 – 2011)

The used car may be quite compact, but a 1-series from the older generations is a real BMW! ‘The big secret’ is of course the rear-wheel drive, which makes a 1-series really feel different from all other brands in this class. It steers and drives like a 1-series… that’s simply addictive. Add to this the nice standard seats and the sturdy, not too hard tuning of the chassis. That makes it a nice driving car, but also a nice travel car on longer journeys.

BMW 130i, bmw, used, used, reliable
(Image: BMW)

OK, it is quite tight in the back and the luggage space is not excessive either. A 116i drives neatly at 1:14, a 120i consumes slightly more. At a car company in Zutphen, a black 120i (2008, 162,000 km) is listed for 4,999 euros.

What should you pay attention to when buying a used car?

A well-treated 1-series is quite reliable. The weak point is the tensioner of the timing chain. If it becomes ‘too weak’, the engine will run worse and worse. Preventive replacement is not surprising.

Electronic malfunctions also occur on this occasion. The fuse box in the interior is often the cause, and replacing it completely is a good solution. The ignition lock can sometimes cause malfunctions, as can the passage of the electrical cables in the luggage compartment.

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