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From Thursday, special investigative officers (boas) and supervisors in Utrecht will be allowed to wear religious expressions, such as a headscarf or necklace with a cross.

This is allowed now that the municipality of Utrecht has introduced a new clothing regulation. The religious and philosophical expressions must meet certain conditions with regard to safety and recognisability.

Employees who wish to wear such a statement must do so in consultation with their manager. According to the municipality, no one has yet indicated that they will do that. As a result, the change is not immediately visible on the street.

In November 2021, the Utrecht city council adopted a motion calling for law enforcement officers to be able to wear a headscarf, yarmulke, turban or cross. A large majority of the council supported the motion. The parties want to show that Utrecht attaches great importance to diversity and inclusivity.

In Arnhem and Tilburg, law enforcement officers are already allowed to wear religious expressions with their uniforms. The Hague will also allow this, but it is not yet known when.

  • 15 dec 2023 om 17:54

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