LIVE. Finally! Misconduct Committee Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk En Such presents report

LIVE. Finally! Misconduct Committee Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk En Such presents report
LIVE. Finally! Misconduct Committee Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk En Such presents report


So it’s a bit like this. At the NPO they always have a big mouth about respect this and cooperation that, but actually they are only concerned about viewing figures and cronyism. So of course everyone looked away when Matthijs van Nieuwkerk had a sound engineer sit on his knees and all those ‘ambitious’ Volkskrant millennials drank oat cappu every morning with salty tears of FEAR. And of course, at NOS Sport, conceited scatterbrains who thought that people turned on the TV every Sunday evening because Tom Egbers could say Heraaacles so sultrily, instead of for the Ajax-PSV summary, could do their thing for years. And of course you could read in emails leaked to GeenStijl how much fun workingatdenos is: “The frustration slowly consumed me, like a disease slowly spreading through your body”. But yeah. Frans Klein has a new job, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk has a new job, Shula Rijxman has already left her new job, and now there has to be some kind of report with all kinds of recommendations that are then ignored by the new bosses with a straight face are going to be. I wonder if Aunt Hanneke will also cry on TV tonight and say that Matthijs and Tom were such sweethearts, real darlings. LIVE STREAM.
UPDATE: Well well. The committee is shocked. “The committee recommends “that people do not look away, that managers set a good example and address each other, and that supervision is strengthened.”
UPDATE: 3 in 4 respondents were witnesses (or targets) of inappropriate behavior, according to Van Rijn.
UPDATE: Whole report there. Screenshots after the break
UPDATE: And yes. During the press conference, the first question to Frederieke Leeflang (now NPO boss, “what are you going to do differently?”) is immediately cut off. This culture change will really help.
UPDATE: The following observation from the committee is missing from the “objective” NOS report: “Nevertheless, based on the questionnaire data, the committee notes that there is still more transgressive behavior, especially at NOSSport and NOSNieuws, than in the rest of the national public broadcaster.” (UPDATE of the UPDATE: two paragraphs added at 1:35 PM)
UPDATE: Bizarre. Press conference over. NPO boss Frederieke Leeflang said NOTHING.
UPDATE: The committee writes about DWDD: “Several DWDD employees also gave concrete examples of situations in which they were asked by others to facilitate the appearance and sexual preferences of (informal) managers”. You wonder who that “informal” manager is, since a little further down it says: “The presenter was not a formal manager and had no formal personnel responsibility. However, as the figurehead of the program, he had an important substantive and image-defining (informal) leadership role at DWDD.”
UPDATE: Investigation (known from TV)!
UPDATE: The meaningless drivel of Frederieke Lovegood that you knew was coming

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