Jeanine Janssen: ‘Lost drone costs Toby’

Jeanine Janssen: ‘Lost drone costs Toby’
Jeanine Janssen: ‘Lost drone costs Toby’

Toby Driessens buys a drone online for almost € 2,800. He doesn’t like the drone and returns it. He does this via the shipping label in the online environment. UPS, the delivery person, loses the package. Toby reports to the delivery person and supplier that the package is lost.

Toby receives information gradually. UPS reports that the package has indeed been lost and that the compensation has been transferred to the supplier. He should transfer the money to Toby. Nothing turns out to be further from the truth. The company strings Toby along and no money comes. He eventually sends a registered letter. There is no response to that either.

Empty box without drone…

Toby reports his problem to us. We get in touch and contact both parties. Then something new comes out of the hat. The package is registered under ‘fraud’. The lost box was eventually found. Without drone, but with paper filling. We receive this information from the supplier, not from UPS. UPS does not give us any information. Not why they communicated different things through different employees, nor how heavy the package was upon delivery or when it was lost. They invariably refer us to the supplier.

Supplier responsible

The supplier simply assumes that what UPS says is correct. They send us a shipping receipt for 3 kilos, but also one for 1 kilo. In the case of an empty box with paper, 1 kilo is a lot and 3 kilos means that there was something in it. According to the ACM authority, the sender is responsible. And don’t let that be Toby. If you print a shipping receipt from an online environment, the paying party is the contracting party. So the supplier and not Toby. However, Toby receives no information and has to rely on the decisiveness of the supplier. And there is quite a bit to argue about.

Tips for online purchases

The case has not yet been resolved. But we will hold on for a while. Until then, we give you the following tips:

  • Don’t just buy from a supplier, in this case a manufacturer, who is located in a distant country with the rules of another distant country. Choose a Dutch company that has a disputes committee attached to it. If you choose another company, at least stay within Europe and make sure you have legal expenses insurance.
  • If you send something of great value, it is wiser to send it by registered mail and not via an online environment. You can then insure the package and what you send will immediately be weighed.
  • Normally we give the tip here; pay by credit card. You can then invoke the delivery guarantee. Unfortunately that didn’t help here; after all, the package has arrived at Toby’s. Something went wrong when returning it. And that is not covered by the credit card insurance. In other cases, this tip may be worth something.

Jeanine Janssen founded MAX Ombudsman in 2013 together with Rogier de Haan. MAX Ombudsman makes common complaints and organized injustice visible. In addition, Jeanine Janssen regularly participates in the program Reporting point and MAX holiday man. read here her columns.

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