What will the weather be like today during Warm Sweater Day?

What will the weather be like today during Warm Sweater Day?
What will the weather be like today during Warm Sweater Day?

Warm sweater day is on the program again. Photo: Adobe Stock / irissca

Friday is Warm Sweater Day. The motto of warm sweater day is ‘warm yourself, not the world’. We can turn off the heating a little easier by wearing an extra thick sweater. In this article we will tell you whether it is possible to do this next Friday with a thick sweater and the heating off.

We have been dealing with mild winter weather for a while now. There is no night frost and temperatures regularly reach double figures during the day. That will be no different tomorrow, during warm sweater day. On Warm Sweater Day, the temperature at the beginning of the morning is between 4 and 7 degrees. It is certainly not cold and in the afternoon the mercury eventually rises to 9 or 10 degrees. Normal values ​​for early February are around 5 degrees.

The day is dry, but with quite a bit of cloud. A splash of drizzle is not excluded from the thicker clouds, but in most places it will remain dry. It is possible that the sun will break through sporadically in the south. All in all, great conditions to put on a thick sweater and turn off the heating!

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A lot colder last year

Last year it was a little colder on warm sweater day. In the afternoon it wasn’t too bad with highs around 8 degrees, but in the early morning the temperature was around freezing point in many places. Inland it was slightly freezing in places. This made it a lot colder with the heating off, but due to the high energy prices last year, many people were already more accustomed to lower indoor temperatures.

Would you like to know what the weather will be like today? You can read this in our extensive weather forecast.

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