LOOK. Mapping the farmers’ protests: where should we expect disruption today? | Peasant protest

LOOK. Mapping the farmers’ protests: where should we expect disruption today? | Peasant protest
LOOK. Mapping the farmers’ protests: where should we expect disruption today? | Peasant protest

“Avoid Brussels by car.” The police in the capital are bracing themselves for angry farmers who will paralyze the center en masse on Thursday. A lot of disruption is also expected in and around Ghent, just like in Lummen, where Limburg farmers will block the busiest junction in the province. Actions are also planned in Roeselare, Torhout and at the border crossings. Police and security are preparing.

LOOK. VTM News journalist Birgit Herteleer gives an overview.

Wild actions have sprung up like mushrooms in recent days, including the farmers’ protest today Brussels has been planned for days. A European summit is taking place in the capital, which the farmers would like to hijack. As early as Wednesday evening, tractors drove from the Pajottenland towards Brussels to spend the night there, and the French-speaking federation for young farmers is also blocking access roads. They will meet today, among other places, at Luxemburgplein, where speeches will be held between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and symbolic actions will take place. Most farmers will come from Wallonia, but there are also delegations from Spain, Portugal and Italy. From Flanders, farmers from the General Farmers Syndicate (ABS) and Groene Kring drive in a column to the capital. A meeting is planned in the afternoon between the agricultural organizations and European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.

LOOK. First tractors enter Brussels.

“Traffic will be seriously disrupted during the morning rush hour,” the police said. Tractors will drive into the city, especially from the west and north, to get as close as possible to the European Parliament. The entire Schuman district, the Reyers tunnel from the E40 and the Cinquantenaire tunnel towards Wetstraat will be closed from 7 am. The demonstration officially ends at 6 p.m., although the tractors must of course also be able to leave the center again. “In any case, we recommend using public transport,” the police added. Some employers have asked their staff to work from home.

Heritage site

Also in and around Ghent Farmers plan numerous actions, but these are often spontaneous in nature. Although they will certainly meet at the Bijloke, where a symposium is taking place on the future of European agriculture. Flemish Minister of Agriculture Jo Brouns (CD&V), among others, would be present. At the same time, the Farmers’ Union is planning a major protest outside the music center. Additional police and security personnel will be deployed around the Bijloke site, which is a heritage site. Ghent mayor Mathias De Clercq (Open Vld) is prepared for the worst. “The protest will certainly have an impact on the accessibility of the city.” The police warn of nuisance on all access roads. Farmers have agreed in Wetteren, Lievegem, Lokeren, Lochristi and Oudenaarde, among others, to come together to the city from 6 am. There would also be a blockage at the turbo roundabout on the R4, one of the largest roundabouts in Flanders.

In Limburg The Klaverblad will be occupied again on Thursday morning, the important traffic interchange between the E313 and E314 in Lummen. The farmers, who come from Ham, Genk, Bekkevoort and Hasselt, among others, will gather in the middle of the roundabout. Both the federal and local police are deploying more than a hundred extra officers for this purpose. The demonstration should normally end by noon, but the police are preparing for the fact that the farmers “could linger for a whole day” and the disruption could last much longer.

Also in Roeselare, Torhout and around Halle new protests are certainly planned. Also at the border crossings there will be roadblocks, reports Bart Dickens, chairman of the Farmers Defense Force Belgium (FDF).

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