US attacks ten drones in western Yemen

US attacks ten drones in western Yemen
US attacks ten drones in western Yemen

“A senior defense official in Bahrain just told us that 10 minutes ago, F-18 fighter jets bombed 10 unmanned drones in western Yemen that were preparing to launch,” CBS Evening News editor-in-chief Norah O’Donnell wrote, on X.

Earlier Wednesday, the US military said it had destroyed a Houthi missile that was poised to be fired from Yemen and posed a potential threat to US aircraft.

The rebels said they had fired ‘several’ missiles at the American warship USS Gravely. The US command center CENTCOM had reported one anti-ship missile hours earlier. It came from a part of Yemen under Houthi control and was shot out of the sky by the USS Gravely.

The Houthis have been carrying out attacks on ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas. Initially, only vessels with an Israeli link were affected. US and British ships are also targets as the US and UK have attacked Houthi targets.

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