Live blog – Farmers turn their attention to Brussels, tractors enter the capital

Live blog – Farmers turn their attention to Brussels, tractors enter the capital
Live blog – Farmers turn their attention to Brussels, tractors enter the capital

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Live blog

02 min

PHOTO: Farmers gather in Ham and in Zwartberg near Genk

02 min

Luxemburgplein and surroundings in the European district closed

07 min

WATCH – Farmers gather in Lokeren and drive towards Ghent

About 50 tractors have been collected in Lokeren. They drive towards Ghent via the N70 under police escort.

12 mins

WATCH – Farmers enter Brussels via Meiser intersection

Farmers drive into Brussels via the Leuvensesteenweg over the Meiser intersection. The intersection was closed to traffic by the police for about 20 minutes. An eyewitness reports that tractors drove into the city non-stop during those 20 minutes.

18 mins

Situation at Liège airport is back to normal after a 4-hour blockade with 200 tractors

In the province of Liège, 200 tractors blocked access to Bierset Airport (Liège Airport) last night. The action had no impact on air traffic. The situation will return to normal on Thursday morning, airport spokesman Christian Delcourt reported to the Belga news agency.

Delcourt added that the farmers’ action did not cause any problems for air operations, but it did cause problems for workers and trucks trying to reach the airport. “Everything is back to normal.”

22 mins

How a think tank from Hungary is fueling the dissatisfaction of Belgian farmers about the EU

The Hungarian think tank MCC Brussels brings farmers’ organizations such as the Farmers Defense Force into contact with far-right politicians.

23 mins

PHOTO – Farmers gather in Bekkevoort to drive to cloverleaf Lummen

24 mins

Asphalt burned away by 15 centimeters after farmers’ protest in Turnhout: emergency repairs at intersection

In Turnhout, a specialized company repaired the road surface last night where farmers had set fire to wooden pallets and car tires during their protest. They had occupied the intersection of Steenweg on Zevendonk and Everdongenlaan for two days. The asphalt layer had burned away to a depth of 15 centimeters.

33 mins

Farmers still occupy parts of the Antwerp port area

Tractors blocked part of the port of Antwerp all night. The area around the Zandvlietsluis is closed. Shipping was not hindered.

56 mins

What can we expect today?

  • In several European countries, including Belgium, farmers have been taking to the streets for days. They protest, among other things, against European agricultural policy, complex environmental regulations, increasing costs and increasing uncertainty. Today the protest in our country is focused on Brussels, because a European summit is being held there today and tomorrow.
  • Farmers want to paralyze Brussels and the surrounding area with a large demonstration today. This mainly concerns Walloon and foreign farmers, but the Flemish agricultural organizations ABS and Groene Kring have also indicated that they will join the actions in Brussels with delegations.
  • Most demonstrating farmers will move with their tractors towards Schumanplein and Luxemburgplein around 10.30 am, where speeches and symbolic actions are planned.
  • A meeting is planned this afternoon between the agricultural organizations and European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski.
  • The farmers’ protest and the European summit will cause “very serious disruption” to traffic in the Brussels Region today. The police have warned to take public transport as much as possible.

The article is in Dutch

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