These three topics should be discussed urgently by Biden and Xi


It is clearer that the current situation between the USA and China is clear: If the Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping were present at the Apec-Gipfel in San Francisco, then there will be two personal meetings in three years.

Let’s take a look at the G20 Gipfel in Bali for a year with relative construction – and with little or no interest in them, we will meet otherwise.

Views of the crisis in the Ukraine and new conflicts in the East, if Biden were to avoid the consequences of China, there would be a change in the future.

The information about the future concerns about the current situation of the Chinese economy will be foreign investors, because the tensions between Beijing and Washington could be affected by control.

But apart from the strong societies, who have a friendly relationship with the Führern of the two Supermächte der Welt aussenden, it was true that they were falsified, with strong information about the future – more complex themes that exist in the USA and China.

Three days were discussed in San Francisco in the context of the Mittelpunkt stehen: Spannungen in der Handels- und Onderwijspolitik, Scherheitsconsideren in indopazifischen Raum und die Klimapolitik im Vorfeld de COP28-Gipfels, der End des Monats in de United Arab Emirates commencent.

Trade and Technology

The first dieser Fragen, Handel und Technology, is one of the largest Herausforderungen. In the last months we have more information about the US government, which means a diversification and risk reduction approach, which will help us to understand our situation in China.

If we don’t use the Fehler machen, we will never be able to do this without defining the law with China.

Janet YellenUS Finance Minister

In a review article in the “Washington Post” for the European Parliament Meeting, US Finance Minister Janet Yellen said: “If we do not have to deal with the financial crisis, we will continue to deal with China’s future. dadurch defines be“.

For the Biden Team, this has been a long-term response to China’s strategy, with strong forward-looking technologies, which will be taken into account in future military developments.

In Beijing, they were confronted with economic consequences – as a result of the United States, China was reduced. This is a special topic for you in your time, in your Chinese economics with your real estate, your debt, your knowledge of your situation and your demographic needs.

Considering the fact that the Chinese business is important, a clear weight will be obtained: the investors will be aware of the economic situation and will be aware of the signals from the USA and their affiliates, so that Beijing can respond with its own trading standards. .

It is true that this is false, the sanfteren Ton can be interpreted as a change in US politics. First let’s say that the USA has new export controls for technical support and chip recovery solutions, which have really affected China’s heart. In some cases, the management plan for the assessment of the Australian investment in the People’s Republic in a more sensible sector. Zugleich versucht Washington, Verbündete in Europa und Asien davon zu überzeugen, dasselbe zu tun.

China’s new Controls for Germanium, Gallium, Graphit and Seltene could be given as a warning in the G7 countries, as the Communist Parties will react to the further development of technological developments in other countries.

This is also important, because the economic tensions between Beijing and Washington in the coming years are as abnehmen. If Biden and Xi are concerned, these tensions will continue, so that they will not be serious about the trade conflict, both of which will be damaged. That is not a clear indication.

Taiwan and the Indopazifik

Views of the people living in Taiwan in January were also discussed during the safety of the indopazifischen Raum angespannt sein.

Over the years, China has become more aggressive in the Netherlands and abroad. If the US-Aufklärungsflüge in gefährlicher Nähe abgefangen und versucht, Schiffe in other countries whose Philippinen are a child, which is due to international relations in the Southern Chinese more.

A positive experience of the conversations between Xi and Biden could be associated with military dialogue between the USA and China. These conversations were formatted by Beijing as a result of the protest against the hearing of the current speakers, Nancy Pelosi, in Taiwan in the past years.

Since US-Beamte is concerned about this experience, this means that there is a lack of communication with the future of China. Biden will be Xi vor der Abstimmung in Taiwan verichern wollen, because the USA is unabhängkeit der Insel, that China for its own beansprucht, not unterstützen. It is important to know that there is a Chinese Einmischung in die Wahl or der Schritten zur Untergrabung der Stabilität in der Straße von Taiwan.

Climate walk

In the Climate Politics is the Optimism in the Future of the Apec-Treffens at large. After the discussions between the US-Americans and Chinese Climate Changes in the Light of Beijing, we will be there for a long time to plan for the reduction of methane emissions. These Verhandlungen fanden in Sunnylands, Kalifornien, statt – demselben Ort, an dem Xi and the current President Barack Obama 2013 since the first meeting, the year is a year since the climate will continue in the USA and China.

The latest Emissions Plan for Beijing is vague and has little concrete information about the plans for the future, with Washington and Beijing in preparation for their construction years and discussions about the UN climate conference that will begin at the end of November. .

Even if it was false, the experiences for San Francisco would be helpful. We will meet with Biden and Xi as Presidents with great respect for damage limits. Biden will have little experience, China will have a positive outcome, which he will be able to achieve in a year that he will be able to cope with politics with Donald Trump.

Xi, who travels first in the United States, saw Trump 2017 in the Mar-a-Lago Resort, was informed that the others in San Francisco combined Asian countries that are in contact with China and not who is the USA of the actor, with the man in the region entitled muss.

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