Israel confirms death of Noa (19) kidnapped by Hamas

Israel confirms death of Noa (19) kidnapped by Hamas
Israel confirms death of Noa (19) kidnapped by Hamas

The armed branch of Hamas shared a video yesterday in which Marciano identified himself and read out the text of a note. She called on Israel to stop the airstrikes and said she was being held in Gaza for four days. Photos were also shared in which the woman appeared dead. It is not clear when the images were taken.

A Hamas spokesman says the 19-year-old Israeli was killed in an Israeli airstrike. The Israeli military has not said anything about a cause of death. It is not clear exactly when she would have died.

Last contact

Marciano’s mother Adi previously told Israeli media that she last spoke to her daughter on October 7, the day Hamas carried out a surprise attack on Israel. Noa was serving for the Israeli army that morning. “She said she was in a safe place, but there had just been a raid. That’s why she had to end the call. I didn’t hear any screaming or gunshots in the background. About half an hour later I sent Noa a message, but there I never had a reaction to it again.”

As far as we know, Noa Marciano is the second Israeli hostage to die in captivity. Israel says Hamas took about 240 people hostage when it surprised Israel with a massive offensive on October 7. Since then, four people have been released and one person, a soldier, has been rescued by the Israeli army. Hamas has said dozens of hostages have been killed by Israeli strikes.

The war between Israel and Hamas has cost the lives of 47 Israeli soldiers. The Israeli government says it has counted a total of about 1,200 deaths after the Hamas attack. According to Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip, more than 11,200 have been killed.

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