Strawberry and cucumber prices will continue to rise


With the first illuminated cucumbers on the market, the cucumber price has continued to rise. The VBT average price for week 45 was 81.7 euro cents per piece. A price that is almost twice as high as the five-year average. Tomato and pepper prices are also above the five-year average, although there is no sharp price increase as with cucumber.

The average price for loose tomatoes at the auctions of the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives rose very slightly to 1.11 euros per kilo. Vine tomatoes yielded an average of 1.53 euros per kilo.

The traditional pepper season is ready. More and more greenhouses are being cleared for crop rotation. The peppers come from imports. The average prices for yellow (38 euro cents), green (58 euro cents) and red (rounded to 80 euro cents) fell.

Lettuce cultivation goes back into the greenhouse. The price for lettuce is on the rise, unlike last year, when the price actually dropped at the beginning of November. The unit price in week 45 amounted to 63 euro cents.

The sharp increase in the strawberry price has slowed down somewhat, but with an average price of 8.92 euros per kilo, the average price is still high. In recent years, the price started to drop slightly from this point onwards.

All figures can be checked here: Figures.
The VBT figures for week 45 can be seen here for fruit and vegetables.

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