Ukraine: Rapidly rising potato prices 80% higher

Ukraine: Rapidly rising potato prices 80% higher
Ukraine: Rapidly rising potato prices 80% higher

According to EastFruit analysts, potato prices in Ukraine are showing an accelerated increase. Demand for ware potatoes is reported to be very high, causing growers to continue to increase wholesale prices.

Since the end of last week, average prices have already increased by 17%. At present, the wholesale price of high-quality potatoes varies between 8 and 12 UAH per kg (€ 0.20-0.30). Prices have already exceeded last year’s levels by 80% and are quite high for this season.

Reportedly, most major potato growers continue to limit potato sales in the hope of better prices later in the season, which in turn only fuels price increases in this segment. According to the growers themselves, there is a very high percentage of substandard products in the current season, which are not suitable for long-term storage. As a result, they expect prices to rise even faster after temperatures drop below freezing.

Although potato prices in Ukraine are much higher than in 2022, they are also significantly lower than in Moldova and Poland. Ukraine reportedly continues to export potatoes to the Moldova market, but is unable to export to Poland due to non-tariff barriers imposed by the EU regarding phytosanitary regulations.

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