The Tram urgently breaks a Notfall-Knopf

The Tram urgently breaks a Notfall-Knopf
The Tram urgently breaks a Notfall-Knopf

Von Martina Hafner

The Tram M 10 screams like a Party-Taxi between the Szene-Bezirken Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. The leader is present during the stay or not during the stay. And if you don’t know, you will have a fall button.

Neulich am Sonntagnachmittag, die Tram M 10 stopped voll wie meistens. A woman with blue hair and a smile on her face, and with peace of mind, with a smile on her face, “Eeey Alter!”, always look at it, comment on politics, see BVG in itself, and listen to the radio in the Tram.

Nowadays, the lady seems to have fallen by the wayside, some nice ones will soon be gone. The Gepöbel entkommen kann keiner, im gezen Wagen nicht. From Station zu Station wird es lauter. The best viewing experience is very pleasant, young people are welcome in the world. Immer mehr Platze in der Nähe der Frau were free.

Ansagen des Fahrers könnten schnell halves

Was tun? Schon die Polizei rufen roads Gebrülls? A few hinter mir discutiert. Gibt es een Notfallknopf? Offenbar niece. Would you like to be able to survive in the full railway? Muhsam. Wouldn’t it be okay with them at all during the Scheibe? If you wish to have a conversation, you can use Google.

Um dort hinzukommen, muss man alldings an der randalierenden Frau vorbei. It is inspected, hammered with a Blech-Trinkflasche lautstark gegen die Tür. Let’s move and move along with the buddel through the wagon. You will certainly be able to handle it with ease, even if it is 110 beneath the fingers.

But now it is Schluss, a more powerful Vater steht auf, donnert: „Wehe, Sie werfen die Flasche noch einmal in Richtung my Kindes! oder ich rufe die Polizei!’ That is the result of the last night’s stop, that the Frau are still scolding, everything at the same time.

Eine gewisse Ratlosigkeit bleibt. Denn Gegröle hat man in der M 10 am Wochenende oft. Man must have the right understanding of the police, and that is the only solution. A Notfallknopf who in the U-Bahn were full, one Ansage des Fahrers could then in fell Situationen schon helfen, vor die Lage eskaliert.

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