A new Willkommenskultur muss urgently her

A new Willkommenskultur muss urgently her
A new Willkommenskultur muss urgently her

What is the motivation for such comments? What is the difference between the moral aspects of the “directions”?

Das, in Ermangelung des Vorhandenseins eigener „Fachkräfte“, Anlocken von überall aus der Welt, is zuerst ein Armutszeugnis der eigenen Gesellschaft. Die Zahl der hier Lebenden strigt, aber uns fehlen „Fachkräfte“. Warum? After all, that’s another theme.

After all, the answers to the questions in the Ausland are a new form of colonialism, which means that the costs of the Ausbildung are different, which is not the case, but the people can be thematized. Man möge nur mal im rumänischen Gesundheitssystem nachfragen, was die davon halten, dass ihre Fachkräfte gen Norden zeehen. Besides, that is not the theme.

If you have such a positive impact on the world of Germany, you will be able to recognize it quickly, that is why there is little net gain in the world. Dafür findet sie nur extrem schwer Wohnraum, weil der in Deutschland nicht gebaut wird. If you want to find a good living environment, you will be happy with the high electricity costs and understanding. The Unterbringung von Kindern in einer entsprechenden Ganztagsbetreuung is almost impossible.
The Anerkennung der eigenen Ausbildung wiederum ist eine bürokratische Tortur.

Good to know about the Australian Fachkraft, which is not the case with regard to the reform of the first, unequaled and bequeathed Türöffner in Germany, without the small Wort „Asyl“. That is a man in our country so that we can come to terms with it, because we are willing to pay for the financial assistance required.

So it was learned that the Australian Fachkraft, wenn sie mit Deutschland beschäftigt.

And here you can find out what kind of person you’re in, that’s because Vietnamese or Mexicans are from the AfD country so that they can come to Germany?
Das glaube nun ich wieder nicht. It is important to know that there is a fact that the political leader will see the theme, but that is a signifikanten Sachbezug gibt. Man nennt das auch Populismus.

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