Taiwan to boost digital health capacity with HIMSS partnership

Taiwan to boost digital health capacity with HIMSS partnership
Taiwan to boost digital health capacity with HIMSS partnership

The National Health Insurance Administration of Taiwan and HIMSS have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to further drive the country’s digital health transformation.

Based on a media release, the MOU will focus on the following key areas: population health, digital capacity building, cybersecurity resilience and workforce development.


This international partnership intends to transform Taiwan’s healthcare into the “post-pandemic health system of tomorrow.”

It will take an evidence-driven approach to building a digital health ecosystem, leveraging the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator and Digital Maturity Models.

The MOU also allows the NHIA to tap into HIMSS subject matter experts, thought leadership and advice in beefing up the health system’s cybersecurity. It can also seek assistance from HIMSS’ global analytics team, government relations team and cybersecurity partners to assist with managing data and systems risks.

Moreover, NHIA and HIMSS will jointly offer localized and targeted workforce capacity-building programs, including curated courses, professional certifications, and accredited continuing education from globally renowned healthcare professionals, to help upskill the nation’s workforce in digital health.


Over the years, major hospitals have been at the front of the digital transformation of healthcare in Taiwan. In terms of EMR maturity, several of them have been validated for Stage 6 and Stage 7 of the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), including the most recent rehabilitation for Stage 7 of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH). Taiwan as a nation was also validated for Stage 7 EMRAM in 2019.

CMUH is also proving local hospitals’ global competence in health IT infrastructure and analytics; it recently became the first in the country to be validated for the Stage 7 Infrastructure Adoption Model and Stage 6 Adoption Model for Analytics Maturity.

Meanwhile last year, the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan City was recognized as the second-highest-ranking organization in the global HIMSS DHI.


“Digital health adoption is a vital step for Taiwan’s healthcare system to improve health equity and patient outcomes. Through this partnership, the NHIA and HIMSS are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to increase patient access, better protect patient data, and train the health workforce of the future. Together, HIMSS and the NHIA will help transform healthcare in Taiwan,” HIMSS president and CEO Hal Wolf said in a statement.

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