Get ahead of rising prices, fix your energy rates now

Get ahead of rising prices, fix your energy rates now
Get ahead of rising prices, fix your energy rates now

Tuesday November 14, 2023by Ӕde de Jong

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The energy bill will probably rise again. Winter is just around the corner and the price ceiling will end in 2024. Moreover, international tensions could suddenly drive up energy prices again. Many consumers have already concluded a permanent contract with rates below the price ceiling. Avoid rising prices and sign a permanent contract!

Rates are rising

Energy is always more expensive in winter. In addition, international tensions can further increase energy prices from one moment to the next. At the same time, you can no longer fall back on the price ceiling after this year. Yet many consumers still seem to be taking a wait-and-see attitude. According to the ACM, there are still 4 million households that currently have a variable contract. And yet many permanent contracts with prices below the price ceiling are offered on

End of price ceiling

The question is how sensible this is now that it is getting colder outside. Variable rates remained favorable for a while due to the warmest October on record, but this now appears to be changing. Rates are slowly going up. Like every winter. Since 80% of your gas consumption takes place in the winter, this is the time to fix your energy rates. There are also many consumers who think that the price ceiling makes it wise to wait a little longer before switching. But now that the rates are below the price ceiling, there is no need to wait at all. So our advice: opt for certainty and transfer on time.

Updated: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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