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Confused man enters primary school and police make urgent call (Live Update)


Do not approach the man yourself, but call 112!

Police with arrest team on site at De Coppele school in Oisterwijk (Photo: Toby de Kort).

A confused man entered the school at De Coppele primary school in the Westend district of Oisterwijk on Tuesday morning around 8:00 am. The police responded en masse and arrived on the scene with a SWAT team and police dogs. The school was reportedly called this morning with threatening language. The police do not know whether the man is still inside.

All access roads to the neighborhood are closed (Photo: Karel Verkerk)

The man may have fled, there is a police helicopter above Oisterwijk looking for the man and the police sent a citizen network report shortly afterwards: Oisterwijk area, Willem de Zwijgerlaan, man, 30 years old, light tan, 180 meters tall, slim, beard, shaved hair, curls on top, gray sweatpants, red shirt. DO NOT APPROACH THIS MAN YOURSELF Call 911 now.

As far as we know there are no injuries. Children are of course shocked. Children, teachers and parents present have been transferred to the swimming pool on Sportlaan. Parents can pick up their children there.

Police believe a foreign object in the school may be explosives; the EOD is on site. Local residents have been asked to leave their homes and not to come to the school. The school has been evacuated and the area surrounding the school has been hermetically sealed. The neighborhood and all access roads and bridges are also closed. Oisterwijk fire brigade and several ambulances have been called to assist.

The police entered the school around 9.45 am, with a warning: ‘This is the police speaking…’

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