Willem II fights its way to a close victory against Jong FC Utrecht | William II

Willem II fights its way to a close victory against Jong FC Utrecht | William II
Willem II fights its way to a close victory against Jong FC Utrecht | William II

Willem II kept the three points at home against Jong FC Utrecht on Friday evening. After a 0-1 halftime score, the Tilburg team fought to 2-1 after the break.

What the home team showed in the first forty minutes was not good. The football was sloppy and there were no opportunities. On the other hand, Jong FC Utrecht only needed a corner to take the lead. Nazjir Held won the header against Raffael Behounek and scored: 0-1.

Only when half time approached did Willem II come close to the equalizer a few times. A series of corners provided the necessary danger. For example, Behounek saw a header just tapped over the crossbar by the 2.06 meter tall goalkeeper Kevin Gadellaa.

Second half

Early in the second half, Ringo Meerveld had a great chance to score the equalizer, but after a measured cross from Nick Doodeman he was unable to get his foot into the ball properly. Thijs Oosting also had a good shooting opportunity after an hour of play, but aimed wide of the goal. from Jong FC Utrecht.

Willem II coach Peter Maes had seen enough and decided to change. Max Svensson came on for Ringo Meerveld. Moments later, left back Runar Sigurgeirsson should have made it 1-1, but from a corner he headed straight at the keeper, who was able to work the ball over the bar.

The equalizer came a little later and it was substitute Max Svensson who pulled the trigger. Less than two minutes later, Jong FC Utrecht player Mees Rijks was immediately sent off after he had planted his studs in the leg of Willem II player Matthias Verreth.

Last fifteen minutes

Willem II still had more than fifteen minutes to pull out the victory with one more man. And that worked. Striker Jeredy Hilterman headed, Jong FC Utrecht goalkeeper Gadellaa stopped the bet, but according to the linesman this happened after the ball had crossed the line. Goal, 2-1.

In the final phase, Willem II had several opportunities to extend the lead. The biggest was for Thijs Oosting, who shot wide. This way it remained exciting until the end, but in the end the Tricolores were able to celebrate.

William II: Smith; St. Jago, Behounek, Schouten, Sigurgeirsson; Verreth, Meerveld (61. Svensson), Bosch; Doodeman, Hilterman (79. De Leeuw), Oosting.

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End of second half


Yellow card for Nordin Bukala


Thijs Oosting is replaced by Max de Waal


Extra time

In a moment, 4 minutes of extra time for the eleven Wilem II players against ten players from Jong FC Utrecht.



Willem II has chances to make it 3-1, but does not make it yet. So it is still exciting.



Thijs Oosting should have scored, but shot wide.


Rickson van Hees is replaced by Nordin Bukala


Jeredy Hilterman is replaced by Michael de Leeuw


No Bokila

So Michael de Leeuw fills in for Jeredy Bokila.



Jeredy Hilterman’s header was stopped by the Jong FC Utrecht keeper, but the linesman noted that this happened when the ball had already completely crossed the line. So 2-1.


2-1 GOAL by Jeredy Hilterman!


William II prints

Willem II naturally tries to force the 2-1. Is that still possible in the final quarter?


Mees Rijks is replaced by Jesse van de Haar


Mees Rijks is replaced by Jesse van de Haar


Sil van der Wegen is replaced by Achraf Boumenjal


Eleven against ten

Willem II is allowed to continue with eleven against ten after a red card for a Jong FC Utrecht player.


Red card for Mees Akkerman


Yellow card for Raffael Behounek



Substitute Max Svensson makes it 1-1 with a nice shot.


Yellow card for Mees Akkerman

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