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How would the battered TOP Oss present itself against MVV after the punishment against Cambuur? Weak and nervous before half time, better in the second half. It didn’t score any points: 0-1.

The supporters had had enough after the biggest home defeat in club history (1-8 against Cambuur). They thought it was time for action. A banner hung behind the goal: ‘With policy without vision and football without fight you will lose all your supporters’. In protest, the fanatical supporters stayed away for fifteen minutes.

When the mood makers crept into the stands, they had actually missed little. TOP did not bring anything offensively, but was also lacking on the field by an eleven players who were missing due to injuries and a suspension (Amine Rehmi, three games). “I thought some of them looked a bit tense. By Monday? Yes, we took a big hit. You don’t know how they get out of there, but you have to get back there.”

When everyone plays based on their role and quality, you have attackers who can score and defenders who can keep a clean sheet

Ilounga Pata, TOP Oss

On the other hand, they did miss a disallowed goal by Mart Remans (ex-TOP Oss) due to offside. Bryan Smeets had to score or lose to Koen Kostons but shot wide. The 0-1 still fell after an hour of play. And actually out of nowhere, because before that TOP showed that it could play decent football. MVV goalkeeper Romain Matthys did his job.

Romain Matthys catches a high ball. He kept a clean sheet against TOP Oss. © Pro Shots / Peter van Gogh

Havekotte surprised by ‘Sunday shot’

And then suddenly it was 0-1. Tunahan Tasci came in, struck with the left and surprised Havekotte. “I think it is a bit of the phase we are in,” said Ilounga Pata. “If our chances don’t go in, but you’ll concede a goal.” A very short silence: “Well, that’s difficult.”

Head coach Ruud Brood also had difficulty with that goal. “He was given a lot of space. I saw the situation coming and screamed my lungs out. It’s a shame that the goal falls. It’s actually a Sunday shot.”

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TOP was able to give chase for the umpteenth time. An equalizer was not forthcoming and the 0-2 was canceled due to offside. In the final minute, TOP hoped for a penalty, but Joshua Zimmerman was booked for a foul. It remained the same after the break. The last team lost for the eleventh time this season. “I think we could have really gotten a lot more out of this,” Pata said.

Setup TOP Oss: Havekotte; Troupée, Mac-Intosch (86. Kuijpers), Van Eijma, Mulder (46. Mulder); Pata, Van Leeuwen (78. Dueñas Hernández), Lambrix; Zimmerman, Doumtsios (79. Shahaj), Allemeersch
Ball possession: 32%-68%
Shot Ratio: 5-8
Shots on target: 4-7
Yellow cards: Van Leeuwen, Doumtsios, Lambrix, Zimmerman (TOP Oss), Tasci (MVV)

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End of second half

Last! A short revival after the break is not enough for a result against MVV. TOP Oss loses for the eleventh time this season and remains bottom of the Kitchen Champion Division. The only goal of the match came from Tasci, who scored almost out of nowhere. Final score: 0-1.


Oss screams for a penalty as Zimmerman is floored. But the referee doesn’t want to hear about it and gives a yellow card for a foul.


Yellow card for Joshua Zimmerman


Tunahan Tasci is replaced by Ferre Slegers


Calvin Mac-Intosch is replaced by Julian Kuijpers


Nabil El Basriescapes TOP’s defense and hits the roof of the goal. This goal is also canceled due to offside. Two Limburg goals have already been disallowed.


Yellow card for Xander Lambrix


The final phase begins. Can TOP Oss still turn the tide? Still 0-1.


Konstantinos Doumtsios is replaced by Fabian Shahaj


Thijs van Leeuwen is replaced by Enrico Hernández


Yellow card for Tunahan Tasci


Marko Kleinen is replaced by Nabil El Basri


Mart Remans is replaced by Rayan Buifrahi


Yellow card for Konstantinos Doumtsios


0-1 GOAL by Tunahan Tasci!


TOP increases the pressure. Now a long shot from Van Leeuwen. Hard and low. Matthys is in the right corner.


TOP Oss comes to life. A wonderful pass from Pata to Van Peer who has a lot of feeling in his cross. Doumtsios just heads over.


What a wonderful attack from TOP. The home team with wonderful combination football that brings the audience to the edge of their seats. Quick combinations between Doumtsios and Allemeersch, who looks for the far corner but finds Matthys. Best attack of the evening.


Jonathan Mulder is replaced by Maxim van Peer

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